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PNC Park Donut Burger

Have you ever heard married couples say that when they saw their spouse for the first time, they knew they were going to get married? They just knew something was different. Knew they were in love. Well, that’s how I feel right now. One look at this masterpiece and I know I need it in my life. I need to hold it. Feel it. Enjoy it. Let’s break it down.

Obviously, the hottest food item in the game right now is bacon. No doubt about it. If I see something with bacon on it, I get it. If you put bacon on a burger it makes it roughly 250% better. Now, I’m not positive, but that looks like a fried egg in there too. Holy cow. The above percentage applies in terms of adding things to burgers. So right now we’re at about 500% better than a plain burger. Put all of that between two halves of a donut and you’ve got a certified winner. I’m calling it a BaDoBur. That’s bacon-donut-burger. Pretty clever, I know. I just thought of it.

P.S. Only thing I’d change is the colors of the sprinkles. I’d make them red and white. I’m not naïve; I know nothing is perfect. Everybody* has their flaws. It just takes a special person to change them. Let me be that person, BaDoBur*. Let me be that person.

*Yes, I know how weird it is to talk about the BaDoBur as a person, but I’m not sorry about it.