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Postgame interview with Bruce Bochy: July 16

Q. Were you shocked at so little offense?

BRUCE BOCHY: I was. I mean, that's a good lineup we threw out there, a lot of great hitters. Give them credit, they pitched well and they shut us down. They played well, pitched well, and we just couldn't mount any offense.

Q. You've been in this game a long time; can you talk about the moment Mariano came out there, I know the respect everyone has for him in baseball, was that moving?

BRUCE BOCHY: It was moving. What he's accomplished in his career and the person that he is, I can't say I know him, but I've heard enough about him that he's such a class person and a great ambassador to the game. 

For him to get honored like that was moving, a very special moment, and our players, you know, they showed their respect and appreciation and so it's a really neat deal, which he richly, richly deserves. So that was a neat moment.