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Postseason Bracket: Ricardo Marquez

Like most people out there, I plan on telling you my terrible predictions that will more than likely not be right. I know this, because I have a pretty solid track record of telling people my predictions and them not being fulfilled ie A's wining the West. So, let's get this ball rolling and give you my reasoning to what is going to be an Orange and Black World Series. SPOILER ALERT. I should have put the spoiler alert before I wrote that...

AL Wild Card

Baltimore Orioles shut down the Texas Rangers - " YOU'RE JUST SAYING THAT BECAUSE YOU DON'T LIKE THE RANGERS?!" Well, no. The Rangers are coming off a pretty crushing game having lost the West on the very last game of the season. For the Birds, that's a lot of momentum for them. On top of that, the Birds bullpen is tremendous. If the Orioles can get Saunders to toss at least 5 solid innings, the bullpen will guide the O's to the promised land.

NL Wild Card

Atlanta Braves tomahawks the Cardinals dreams - "WELL THAT WAS KIND OF RUDE, DON'T YOU THINK!?" If you consider Kris Medlen going 8 scoreless innings and handing Kimbrel the final chop rude...then yea, it's a little rude. Braves over Cards.

AL Division Series

Orioles fly above the Yanks - This is going to be a crazy game. All month long, the Orioles were right on top of the Yankees. I love the way Baltimore has been playing lately. The Yankees veterans might rough house the Orioles a little but in the long run, Baltimore will be heading to the ALCS.

Tigers claw the A's - Are you guys getting these puns or what? The Oakland Athletics have shocked the world. They came out of nowhere to snag the West and look unstoppable. This is why I'm utterly confused as to why I'm choosing the Tigers. With players like Verlander, Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder, and more; it might be the best recipe to slow down the A's.

NL Division Series

Nationals CAPITALize big win over Braves - The Nations capital night see a stoppage in Congress when everyone is there to witness Gio Gonzalez and company over take the Braves. This is a pick I'm not happy about because I don't want to see Ricky Mast and Shaun Kippins sad. I hope I'm wrong.

Giants leaves Cincinnati a little Red in the face - I might be done with puns soon. ATT Park is going to be a huge factor in controlling the big bats of Jay Bruce and Joey Votto. Also, the Giants have been hot as of late. That momentum is going to carry on through the Division Series.


Thundercats ARE GO-ing to the World Series - The Tigers are going to be rolling through the ALCS with the help of the Triple Crown king himself, Miguel Cabrera.


Los Gigantes para el mundo - The Nationals are a tough tough team. However, I think the pitching staff of Cain, Bumgarner, Lincecum, and Zito can slow them down and get one over Washington. It's going to be an Orange and Black World Series.

World Series Winner

San Francisco Wharf Party - In a decision that will make fellow dweller Ashley Chavez happy, I think the Giants will be using that ASG Home Field advantage and control Miggy, Prince, and company to some NL small ball.

So who do you think? This postseason is going to show all of us that anything can happen. I'm not even too sure about my picks, but I'm used to being wrong. Let us know @MLBFanCave who you think is going to hoist that trophy at the end of this season. Get ready for some postseason action!