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Randy Johnson: Professional Photographer

When I retire, I want to be an ice cream taste tester. "Ricardo, that’s a job. So technically you wouldn’t be retired yet." I mean I plan on buying a ton of ice cream and tasting all of it at home while watching baseball 24/7. On the topic of things to do while retired, I’ve found out something pretty interesting about a certain pitcher with a flame-thrower for an arm.

After a player leaves the game of baseball, I’ve always kind of wondered what they would end up doing. Some become an analyst for a network. Others get the job to become a teams manager or coach. Others, well others do something you would never thought of. For instance, Randy Johnson (YES, THAT RANDY JOHNSON!) is actually a professional photographer. Before you even think that he owns a place called “Randy’s Glam Shots” in a mall, he doesn’t. The Big Unit actually travels around taking photos that range from rad metal bands like Metallica, Between the Buried and Me, and Motorhead to insanely beautiful photos on a recent trip to Africa. Visit his website,, to see some of the incredible photos that he has taken.

So congrats to the Big Unit on your photography work. Not only were you insanely on the field and it looks like that’s carried over to your photography. Maybe you can come down to the MLB Fan Cave and show us a thing or two.