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Oct. 27 Raul A. Mondesi and Lorenzo Cain pregame interview

Q. Mr. Mondesi, what was your reaction when you got the word you were going to Kansas City?

RAUL A. MONDESI: When I was in Arizona they tell me I was coming here just to work out with the team. And I feel good, you know, being with this guy. Then what they gave me today feels really good.

Q. Do you have any memories, Raul, of your father as a player with the Dodgers or anywhere else in particular and if you do, what do you remember?

RAUL A. MONDESI: When he played with the Dodgers I used to be with him all the time at the field. So I can remember a little bit and it's nice.

Q. What is your father doing right now? Is he coming here to see you in the World Series?

RAUL A. MONDESI: I think he's going to New York, so maybe I can see him and my brother, too, down there in New York.

Q. There have been some thought about if there was a double-switch that there might be the possibility of putting you in the outfield. In Double-A you played primarily second base and shortstop. Have you played outfield, would you feel comfortable?

RAUL A. MONDESI: No, I never play outfield, other than when I was in Little League, but only infield.

Q. How excited are you to be in here instead of taking batting practice? I'm just kidding. The possibility of the kid next to you maybe making his Major League debut in a World Series game. What were you doing when you were 20 years old and what that would mean for a guy to be able to do that on this big stage?

LORENZO CAIN: Definitely big jump going from Double-A, Minor Leagues, to World Series. But couldn't be happier for him. When I was that age I think I was in rookie ball somewhere, I think. But I'm definitely happy for him, that he's a part of the team. Definitely help us out tremendously.

Q. Not to get too far ahead, but most American League fans are familiar with Matt Harvey. Can you tell us what you know about Jacob DeGrom, the starter tomorrow night.

LORENZO CAIN: I don't know much about those guys, what you watch on TV. I haven't had a chance to watch video on him yet. I'm going to do that right before the game.

You see what you see. The guy has great stuff. It's not going to be easy. They feature him as Cy Young caliber stuff. We'll see what happens. We'll go out and face a tough Matt Harvey and see what happens.

Q. Is there anything in particular you tried to get across to Raul after your experience last year? As you noted, this is quite a jump from Double-A to here at age 20.

LORENZO CAIN: Yeah, it is a big jump. He seems like a laid-back type of guy. I'm sure he'll be fine. We will try -- not only more, but Omar and Salvy, will try to feed him. He'll be just fine. We'll give him what we learned last year, tell him what we learned last year and just go from there.

Q. For all of us that don't know much about Mondesi, could you describe him as a player? What are the things he brings to the table and what has impressed you most since coming up?

LORENZO CAIN: I haven't seen him actually play much. As far as the Spring Training, I didn't get a chance to play with him in the Minor Leagues or anything like that. The guy is solid defensively, definitely can swing the bat. From what I've seen, he put on a little weight. He added power to his game. Just overall very talented player.

Q. Raul, Ned told us about him telling you about making the team. And he said that you said, I'm ready. How do you know?

RAUL A. MONDESI: I say I'm ready because I saw my dad playing all the years, so that's not -- something big, but I'm ready to help the team.

Q. When Ned tells you you're going to be on the squad, what does he say to be ready for, how they're going to use you in this World Series?

RAUL A. MONDESI: He said I've got to be ready maybe for a pinch-runner or hitter, defense. If I got a chance, I'm going to be in the game. So I'm ready for that.

Q. You know how crazy this game is. What does it say about the game that Raul's father can play for 10, 15, 20 years, and can't get to the World Series, and his son gets there right away?

LORENZO CAIN: You never know what's going to happen. To be back here again this year is impressive and shows what kind of team we have. It's very hard to do, the type of thing that comes along once in a lifetime. I'm happy to have him. He's a great addition to this team. We have to try to go out here and win it.

Q. You're going to be the first player to debut in the World Series without playing in the regular season. What are you thinking about it?

RAUL A. MONDESI: Just waiting for the chance. If I've got a chance I've just got to do my work to give all I've got. It's going to feel good for me.

Q. Earlier Ned had talked about your development as a young ballplayer. Talk about the opportunity he gave you to develop the ball, but to be the player you are today?

LORENZO CAIN: You've got to get the opportunity. Someone has to believe and trust in you. So once I traded over here, it was something that I was definitely excited about. Didn't know what to expect at first, but once I got over here, he showed me, open arms, and allowed me to go out and play centerfield every day. Even though I was injured the first two years, the hard work and the patience paid off. I'm trying to go out and do what I can to help this team win.

Q. Raul, I saw your picture on Instagram with Cheslor Cuthbert. Did he tell you anything about what to expect at playing at Kauffman Stadium? Are there any players on the Royals who you've gone to for guidance?

RAUL A. MONDESI: Yeah, I talked to him about that picture. He said playing here is like a regular game, nothing different. Just be calm and just play the game.

Q. Throughout this month of October the celebration, you guys have had fun, but they seem low keyed compared to last season. The team's attitude seems more low key than it was. How much has that experience helped and does it feel like just another game, even though it is the World Series?

LORENZO CAIN: I mean, it is the World Series. But at the same time you've got to treat it as another game. You can go out there and maybe get too emotional or too into it. I feel like that's when you make mistakes. Try to go out and treat it like another game, keep calm, and keep our composure out there. Do what we can. Find ways to get on for each other. Keep the line moving, as we say. At the end of the day, find a way to win the World Series.

Q. Just to follow up on the question, what does your father do these days, is he working, coaching?

RAUL A. MONDESI: He's coaching Little League in the Dominican. Training little kids.

Q. I know you don't read or watch or read anything like that, but have you seen your picture on the cover of the Sports Illustrated that's going to come out?

LORENZO CAIN: Actually, I was signing autographs this morning, and a guy pulled it up and showed me. I didn't see it until then. It was pretty neat. Pretty neat.

Q. Do you guys feel like you can run on this team? Is this a team that you guys can use your speed and defense against since their power pitching is such a strength, is this a team you guys can do what you do well against this team?

LORENZO CAIN: Depends on them. Depends how quick they are to the plate. Depends how good their catcher is. We're going to take our chances, if we get them. Understanding that we don't want to be overly aggressive, run into outs. We're going to play our game to the best of our ability and just go from here.