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Rays Pitchers David Price and James Shields on Pitching to Derek Jeter

James Sheilds and @DAVIDprice14 during their visit.  Video co... on Twitpic

Earlier this week, Tampa Bay Rays pitchers David Price and James Shields stopped by the MLB Fan Cave. We asked them about the possibility of being on the dealing end of Derek Jeter's 3000th hit.

MLB Fan Cave: So this is a pretty crazy time to be playing the Yankees right now with Jeter only 3hits away from 3000.

James Shields: Did he get a hit last night?

MLBFC: He's three away.

JS: All on you Dave.

MLBFC: When do you pitch?

David Price: Saturday.

MLBFC: That's prime billing right there.

JS: [David]'s Saturday, I'm Sunday, so, let's try not to give it up.

MLBFC: You don't want to be that guy, right?

DP: Not really. I mean, if I give up a single to him, and he doesn't score, that's fine,but if he gets an RBI, hits a home run … he put me in the record books on my debut, when he tied Gehrig for most hits as a Yankee.

JS: We were here when he broke the record too. I wouldn't mind giving up his3000th, this guy has the most hits in Yankee history, I wouldn't mind it at all.

DP: I'll keep a sharpie in my pants so if he gets it, I'll have him sign it right on the field.

JS: We hear a lot of guys don't want to give up the 3000th hit, but most of us don'treally mind.

MLBFC: As long as it's not a walk off.

Price & Shields: Exactly.

Video: Specially Marked Balls for Jeter's 3000th Hit:

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