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Remembering Sy Berger, Father of Modern Baseball Cards

A true legend of the game.

Sy Berger, an iconic figure in the world of baseball cards, passed away Sunday morning at the age of 91. Berger's great success came from developing personal relationships with players, which allowed him to sign deals with them year after year.

Berger was brought in by Topps in 1952 to create the first set of baseball cards that came along with the signature Topps gum. Though the packs were sold for a mere five cents, it wasn't until the mid-80s that fans' obsession with player cards really took hold. Today, a Mickey Mantle rookie card from the original 1952 series has sold for as much as $268,664, second only to the famous T206 Honus Wager card.

Rest in peace, Mr. Berger.