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Rivera Throws out First Pitch at Citi Field

Let’s be honest – there aren’t many Subway Series moments that both Mets and Yankees fans can enjoy.

At long last, Tuesday night, after 16 years of searching, we have found that moment.

The greatest closer of all-time, Mariano Rivera, throws out the first pitch to the greatest closer in Mets history, John Franco. Smiles for everyone.

Retiring at season’s end, Rivera is on his farewell tour. Tuesday marked what is likely his second-to-last visit to Citi Field as the Yankees closer (assuming he’ll be there July 16).

Every team is honoring Rivera in some way, and deservedly so. If we could stomach Chipper Jones (.309/49/159 career vs. NYM) getting a respectful farewell last season, it’s the least we can do for The Sandman.

He took it easy on Franco by not throwing that cutter!