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Robinson Cano Signs with Jay-Z's Agency

“Allow me to re-introduce myself…” will be said so many times in the next few days that I can’t even think of an over/under for it. That lyric is from Jay-Z’s song “Public Service Announcement,” and it fits in perfectly with what he is doing at this moment in time.

The mogul is already a well-known musician. Already known as a businessman. Already known as a part-owner of a New York sports team. Now he has dipped his feet into the world of sports agents, creating Roc Nation Sports. The man who said, “check out my swag…I walk like a ballplayer” has signed a guy who has spent his entire career in New York, as Robinson Cano has signed with Jay-Z's marketing agency in a joint partnership with CAA to represent him in his contract year.

While I don’t have an opinion on whether or not this is a good move on Cano’s part, this much is for sure: Jay-Z reps New York. Carries it on his back. Has part-ownership in a New York basketball team. His anthem “Empire State of Mind” pays homage to his city. As his first client, it’s not absurd to think that he wants Cano to be the face of the Yankees for the rest of his career. Not only that, but become the face of New York and represent New York just like Jay does. To a degree, he now has that control. Obviously Cano is going to have the final say, but I can definitely see Cano retiring in Pinstripes. He might not hit the open market.

As Jay says in “Dig A Hole,” “[you’re] playin’ checkers with chess playin’ Hov.” This is the first move in the chess game. So, Jay-Z, brush that dirt off your shoulders. You’ve got some meetings to attend.