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San Francisco Giants Open Social Media Cafe

Growing up in a small, small, small (see: small) town in Eastern Canada, it was nearly impossible for me to partake in a baseball community. That said, the onset of social media has made enjoying a baseball game that much more exciting and has given me a baseball family to enjoy the game with.

The San Francisco Giants realize this bonding experience and the potential that social media has with baseball and have thus created their social media @Cafe, located just beyond their ballpark's center field wall. Inside the cafe is a 12-by-4-foot screen that shows Giants-related posts on Twitter and Instagram from fans and players as well as tickers tracking the team's online followers. The cafe gives the club a chance to increase fan engagement and social activity.

The best part about it? Fans can do all the tweeting, Instagraming and messaging they want as it also has charging stations!