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Shields to wear No. 33

KANSAS CITY -- It appears that incoming mound ace James Shields worked out a deal for his favorite uniform number. He’s listed as No. 33 on the roster with the former bearer of that number, fellow starter Jeremy Guthrie, switching to No. 11.

At last Saturday’s FanFest, Shields was asked why he goes by the formal James rather than being a Jimmy or Jim or Jimbo.

“James is my real name,” he said. “People called me Jamie growing up but I guess any other name wouldn’t really rhyme with ‘Big Game,’ right?”

Obviously, Royals fans and his teammates are counting on a lot from "Big Game" James.

“Every day he goes out there, he knows he’s going to win,” designated hitter Billy Butler said. “That’s the kind of guy I want to be around.”

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