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Sonny Gray Was Set Up for Success, Thanks to His Father


On the day Sonny Gray's father passed away in 2004, Sonny led his Smyrna High School football team to a 28-6 win because, as he said, "My daddy would want me to."

Sonny's competitive passion combined with the way he treats the people around him has led him to be simultaneously one of the most dominant and most beloved players in the Majors.

Now, less than a year after making his MLB debut, Sonny serves as a reminder to be grateful for where you are, to appreciate the people who helped you get there and to always see the humor in life. As he told Susan Slusser of SFGate:

"I'm just goofy. I always grew up not caring what other people think. I have a good time making other people laugh, making myself laugh. I enjoy other people's company without any bias or judging anyone. I'll go out there and sing, I don't care."

In 2013, Sonny got a Father's Day win, and there's nothing standing in his way of getting many more.