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Ten proven ways to take off 25 percent in the Shop

If October was the Giants' month, then November was their fans' month. Giants items accounted for the 11 top-selling items at the Shop in that heavy-celebration period, 16 of the top 20 and 25 of the top 50.

December is everybody's month.

The Winter Meetings are under way in Nashville, Tenn., and all Major League Baseball clubs and their fans are looking ahead to 2013. Meanwhile, holiday shopping is hitting its stride, and from now through 11:59 p.m. ET on Thursday, there is a 25-percent sitewide sale at the Shop.

Maybe you've been eyeing a Cooperstown Fireballer V-Neck Jersey or that Women's Pep Rally Full-Zip Hood. History tells us this could be last call for that level of across-the-board savings this shopping season, so for many now is the time to pull the trigger on deals, as so many execs will be doing at Opryland.

While you are shopping for that favorite fan on your list, we'll keep you posted on key upcoming Shop deadlines. One of the more popular trends this holiday season has been the use of's Custom Shop, and Thursday will be the last day to have those configured items shipped in time for Christmas. This Saturday will be the last day to ship your favorite player's custom jerseys and Dec. 12 is the last day to ship custom tees.

So, how to use that 25-percent discount? The Gift Guru researched that November list of top sellers and offers these 10 tips based on what other fans have been buying at the Shop:

1. Giants fans are reveling in their glory. Here are the five popular ways they have celebrated their latest World Series title: Club House T-shirt, the 39THIRTY Stretchfit Cap, Official Parade T-shirt, the A&E Home Video Giants 2012 World Series Collector's DVD Set and the 59FIFTY On-Field Cap with World Series Patch.

2. Other than Giants commemorative stuff, BP Caps topped the overall MLB list in November sales. The hottest sellers in order were Yankees Home, Cardinals, Yankees Road and Red Sox, Braves, Reds, Dodgers, Orioles, Blue Jays and Athletics.

3. Guess which jersey was the biggest seller at the Shop in November? It's the Cardinals Replica 2013 Alternate Jersey that everyone is talking about, bringing "St. Louis" to the chest for the first time since early last century. Of particular note, many fans had a major crush on Yadier Molina's No. 4 Replica Alternate Jersey. This sitewide sale does not apply to those new Redbird jerseys, but the Gift Guru is including them here for the sake of showing what's in demand.

4. Authentic Font Personalized T-shirts have continued to be all the rage through Black Friday, Cyber Monday and into this sale. A Yankees version led that category in November.

5. The best sellers for non-club merchandise were the Ultra Pro Square Baseball Holder and the Official 2012 World Series Baseball in Cube. The former item is yours for $2.25 with this sale, making it possibly the least expensive item in the Shop. Throw one in.

6. A lot of people want the Astros' new look. With Houston moving to the American League in 2013, we can safely say that the starting point for fan involvement was the purchase of the club's new Authentic Road Performance 59FIFTY On-Field Cap. That was the most-purchased item by Astros fans in November. And the Astros' biggest seller on Cyber Monday was the Authentic Cool Base BP Jersey.

7. If you are looking for holiday ornaments, decor and gift-wrap sets, you'd better get in gear. There is plenty of that spirit of the season to be found, and the top seller in November was the -- you guessed it -- Giants 2012 World Series Champions Ornament Two-Pack.

8. When it is OK to peak? During the postseason, and when it's the Authentic Triple Peak Premier Jacket. Those did not crack the overall top 50 in November, but as the chill winds blew, we saw them show up all over the Cyber Monday figures. The Yankees and Tigers led the way in those sales.

9. Hooded sweatshirts are traditionally strong Shop holiday gifts, and the hotlist includes the Giants Legacy of Champions Hood and Full Zip Hood, and the D-backs Men's Custom Hooded Sweatshirt. Customize one of those during this sale, and you can knock a quarter off the listed $49.95 price, so it's about 37 bucks.

10. Any jersey with Mike Trout or Bryce Harper on it would put you in good company, based on numbers since the World Series ended. Remember, Saturday is the last day to ship custom jerseys.

More shipping deadlines will be just around the corner, and we'll keep you updated on key dates along the way. And remember: When in doubt, online gift certificates and Gift Cards are safe bets for any fan.

Mark Newman is enterprise editor of Read and join other baseball fans on his community blog.