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This Is SportsCenter - CC Sabathia

I wrote a blog on baseball swag the other day and completely omitted CC Sabathia. So disappointed. Can’t believe myself. He is dripping with baseball swag. Usually sleeves where you can’t see the undershirt is a no-no, but CC has built in long sleeves. Rocking the sideways hat. Tan glove. Baggy pants. Great cleats. Love it. So I’m sorry, CC, for leaving you out. I just thought it was assumed you were on the list.

Anyways, I absolutely love the “This Is SportsCenter” commercials. They crush it and this one is no exception. If I had to pick anybody to hang out with at ESPN for a day, it has to be Scott Van Pelt. The guy is hilarious. He’s PERFECT for this commercial and does not disappoint. I would pay money to see SVP do an episode of SportsCenter in that fat suit, acting like nothing was different and he wasn’t the size of three people. Pure comedy.

And this video takes you behind the scenes of the commercial:

What's your favorite "This is SportsCenter" commercial? Comment below.