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Three Cool Things - August 12

A few times a week, I'll be writing a blog post giving you the links to few cool videos or blogs that I found interesting, or funny, or both throughout the week. Because I'm a simple man who likes simple titles, I'm going to call it "Three Cool Things".

Here are the Three Cool Things for Friday, August 12.

David Price is a Friend of the Fan Cave. The video we made with him and teammate James Shields is, in my opinion, one of the funnier pieces of content we've created this season.

It certainly helped that David had a great sense of humor while he was here, and hopefully that sense of humor kicked in when this this happened a few days ago. His teammates, led by Shields, of course, decided to give Price a sunflower seed shower while the poor guy was doing a television interview during the game. Not cool, Shieldsy, not cool. Credit Price for being a good sport, and you can bet that retribution will be swift. Joe Maddon is famed for keeping a very loose locker room atmosphere, and pranks like this prove these guys enjoy going to the ballpark everyday.

Every once in a while a video crops up that inspires some heated discussion about whether or not it’s real. Whether it's the NFL's "Fantasy File" commercials from a few years ago, or the video video of Evan Longoria catching a line drive barehanded with his back turned…while doing an interview, these videos are fun to watch and almost always bring about some disagreement.

The latest to grab my attention was this video showing a young man partaking in an odd batting practice ritual. He hits a ball off of a net, which then ricochets to three other nets, returns to home plate, where the kid hits it again and starts the process all over. They add a second ball in for good measure, and it becomes some kind of oversized game of Mousetrap (please tell me some of you remember Mousetrap). I can't imagine this is real, but someone did a nice job editing it. What do you think, real or fake?

This video only recently came to my attention, and while not specifically baseball related, this kid might have a future as a pitcher.

This kid is three years old, and as the title of the video suggests, he is a corn hole (which we call the “bags game” here in the Cave) prodigy. After warming up with a few tosses, the little tyke sinks seven consecutive throws. If I were his dad, I'd sign him up for a league, stat. Also, it might not be a bad idea to take him to a few tailgating spots and hustle a few people. I know guys who play this game for days at a time, and I'm not sure many of them could pull off what this kid does. Definitely worth putting into this blog.

That's my Three Cool Things for today. Let me know what you think by tweeting me @rwags614. And, if you come across anything of interest, send it my way in a tweet.