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TiVo becomes latest of many ways to view MLB.TV

Chet Williams is an Indians and Rangers fan in Norman, Okla., currently enjoying the luxury of cheering for a pair of first-place clubs. He is finding special satisfaction not only in what they are doing on the field, but also in how to follow what they are doing.

Williams is one of the many Major League Baseball fans who just discovered the newest way to watch live or on-demand games on a connected device with an MLB.TV Premium subscription: TiVo.

The same company that made time-shifting cool joined MLB Advanced Media on Tuesday in announcing the availability of the MLB.TV app on any of the TiVo Premiere DVRs. TiVo viewers can go to to subscribe to MLB.TV Premium and to activate an account on TiVo Premiere.

"I love being able to watch MLB.TV on my TiVo," Williams said in an email to "My favorite team is Cleveland, but I am also a big Texas fan. The Rangers are broadcast locally in my area, but Cleveland is an out-of-market team. It is so great to be able to use one device -- my TiVo -- to watch both Rangers games on cable and Indians games on the MLB.TV app.

"I am working during the day, so I like to watch day games at night. With the MLB.TV app, I get to use the same great trick play features to pause, fast-forward and rewind archived games just as if I had recorded it off of cable."

Williams said he adopted the Tribe during the 1995 postseason when his college roommate was a big Braves fan, simply wanting to take the other side during that year's World Series. Now Williams works in sales and often travels, maximizing the benefits of a technology that was unthinkable during those days of Atlanta vs. Cleveland. He is like so many other fans, and an example to those now realizing that TiVo is a new platform.

"It is so great to be able to watch the Indians games on MLB.TV on my TiVo at home and on my iPad when I am out of town," Williams said. "Plus, I listen to games using my iPhone while I am driving. It is amazing to me that I can use my MLB.TV Premium subscription to watch games at home, at a hotel, or while on the road."

The MLB.TV app on TiVo is set up to deliver game viewing and video stream in a picture-in-graphic (PIG) or an "L bar" window to view the score while watching a game. We integrated TiVo's standard playback functions into the app, including the ability to pause, fast-forward and rewind or skip game action. "Jump to Inning" is available to allow viewers to jump back to the beginning of any inning in the game. The ability to switch between home and away broadcast feeds is also available. Other features include stats and standings, favorite team selection and calendar view.

The TiVo news further demonstrates MLB's leadership in reaching wider audiences via live streaming. In addition to the familiar choices of mobile devices, here is a look at other connected devices being used by fans every day:

Sony PlayStation 3: To register system for use with your MLB.TV Premium subscription, download the MLB.TV app from the PlayStation 3 Store, which is listed under the PlayStation Network menu. You can access it by launching the PlayStation Store, within the store select "Apps" from the menu along the left side of the screen, then select "Sports." Choose the MLB.TV app and select to download it. The app is available at no charge. Let the download finish and then wait for the app to install. After the installation is complete, you can launch the MLB.TV app from the "Video" menu on your PlayStation 3 system.

Apple TV: Launch MLB.TV by selecting it in the listing of apps on the home screen. If you are launching MLB.TV for the first time, go to "Settings" and select "Sign In." Then submit the email address registered to your MLB.TV Premium account and the password.

Roku Player: To register this for use with your MLB.TV subscription, go to your Roku Player's Home Screen and select the MLB.TV icon. If you do not see the MLB.TV Channel listed, you can download it by going to the Channel Store on your Roku Player. In the store select MLB.TV, and then click to "Add Channel." Select "Yes" to confirm that you would like to install the channel, then, once it has been added click "Go to Channel" or select the MLB.TV Channel from your list of channels on the home screen of your Roku Player to launch the MLB.TV Channel.

Samsung TV or Blu-ray Disc Player: First, look through the list of the many applicable models on the devices page and choose your code. In order to watch MLB.TV this way, launch the MLB.TV app within the device, click the "Link Device" button, and follow the associated prompts. Your Samsung device will then provide you with an activation code. See the devices page for further steps.

LG Blu-ray Disc Player or LG Internet-Connected TV: To register your LG device for use with your MLB.TV Premium subscription, select the MLB.TV option in the NetCast menu and press "Enter." At the MLB.TV welcome screen, select "Link Device" and press "Enter." You will then be given an activation code, then follow that easy process.

Panasonic VIERA HD Television or Panasonic Blu-ray Disc Player: Look through the list of compatible Panasonic models. From the VIERA Connect Home Screen, press the down arrow key to highlight "More" and press the "OK" button on your remote to navigate through the pages of available apps. When you see the MLB.TV icon, use the arrow keys to navigate to it and press "OK." On the first screen that comes up, select "Link." You will then be given an activation code.

Boxee: Launch MLB.TV by selecting Apps from the top of the window, then selecting MLB.TV. On the next screen, click on the "Start" button to launch the MLB.TV app. You will then be prompted to link your MLB.TV Premium account with Boxee at Go to that page and log in with your Boxee account. Then, on the "Services" page, click on MLB.TV and enter your MLB.TV username and password.

Xbox 360: This added a massive reach for MLB in 2012, further growing the game. An Xbox Live Gold subscription is required along with MLB.TV Premium access. To register your Xbox 360 for use, download the MLB.TV app from the Apps Marketplace, listed under the "Apps" menu. Select "All Apps" and browse for MLB.TV. After the installation is complete, you can launch the MLB.TV app from the "Apps" menu under "My Apps" on your Xbox 360.

Western Digital: If you have this WD TV Live (third generation) or WD TV Live Hub, as well as an MLB.TV Premium subscription, go to "Services" and select MLB.TV. If you do not see MLB.TV listed, upgrade your device's firmware, and then check "Services" again. After launching the MLB.TV app you will see a listing of today's games along with "Calendar," "Standings," "Daily Recap" and "Settings" options on the left side of the screen. Follow the other listed steps.

Sony TV or Blu-ray: Once you have an Premium subscription, navigate to the "Video" icon and from there you can access and launch the MLB.TV app. To link your Sony device to your MLB.TV account, proceed to the main calendar screen. This screen will immediately open upon app launch. Click the red button on your Sony remote to access the menu page and follow steps.

Availability of MLB.TV by country depends on the specific connected device, so see the listings for that information if needed.

Mark Newman is enterprise editor of Read and join other baseball fans on his community blog.