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To Showboat or Not

Did you guys feel that quake on Friday night? NO, IT WASN'T ME WALKING AROUND, YOU JERK! Yoenis Cespedes triggered a missle out of Oakland during Friday night's game against the Mariners. I'm pretty sure there's a law that says you can't launch Weapons of Mass Cespedes in the Coliseum. After connecting with what seemed like a 1,688-foot bomb, Cespedes sat there and admired his fruit of labor for a tad too long. Which brings up the question: do you showboat after releasing a Kraken of a shot?

Home runs are fun to watch, and if I was a player, I'd showboat the heck out of it. Last year's fiasco with Jered Weaver of the Angels and Carlos Guillen of the Tigers raised the same question. As much as I hate to admit, I love a good showboat. Players work hours after hours just to perfect a swing that won't necessarily be a blast. When one destroys a ball, why not celebrate a little bit? So, what would you do? Are you for the theatrics after a home run or should players just keep their cool and act like it's no big deal? Let me know @iBlogBetter or @MLBFanCave. Heck, if you even want to send us a video of your own celebration, then do so!