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Toledo Mud Hens to Wear Chewbacca Jerseys



A long time ago, at a ballpark far far away…

Each season, ballparks hold various promotions, giveaways and events to reward loyal fans and entice others to come check out a game. These promotions can range from a bobblehead giveaway to replacing umpires with judges. Usually the smaller a team is, the crazier the spectacle can become. Every now and then, though, a team will do something so amazing that you just have to sit down and ponder the beautifulness of life. Such is the case with the Toledo Mud Hens' May 4 promotion.

Bearing an audible similarity to the first half of the phrase "May the force be with you," May 4 has unofficially become Star Wars day. Various activities and events go on throughout the country and The Toledo Mud Hens decided to join in on the fun. The team will have a variety of Star Wars-centered promotions, which include Star Wars face painting and appearances by the movie's characters. The best part of their May 4 festivities, however, is that each player will wear a Chewbacca-themed jersey during the game that night. Afterwards, the Wookie wear will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to charity. The jerseys are perhaps the greatest thing a baseball player has ever worn and will ever wear on a diamond (with a close second going to the awesome shorts that the White Sox wore during the 1976 season.) RA Dickey's head just exploded with envy. 

H/T Eye on Baseball