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Tommy Lasorda Steals the Show at MLB Draft

You know what's not fun? Being boring.

You know what's not fun? Being boring.

You know who's nowhere near boring?

Mr. Thomas "Spaghetti and Meatballs" Lasorda.

The 2013 MLB First Year Player Draft took place yesterday, and it was awesome. I watched on TV as young players took their first steps towards living their dream and the smiles that came along with it. After the first round, Commissioner Bud Selig stepped down and each team sent up a representative to announce their picks. Yet after 50 picks of hearing the same script, watching the draft can get a tad dull.

Not on Tommy's watch! With the 56th pick of the draft, the Dodgers sent Tommy Lasorda up to the podium to announce their selection. What they hadn't planned on was the radicalness that Tommy would bring with him. Check out the video and hope that you'll one day be as cool as Tommy Lasorda. I'm hiring this guy to order for me at restaurants.