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Top 10 Mispronounced Names in Baseball

Marc Rzepczynski, difficult to spell and pronounce.

Baseball is an international game. Which is a GREAT thing. Sometimes it can be a bad thing. For example, when you cannot pronounce the name of your newest international prospect. But fear not, I, Marcus Hall, am here to help you with that (sort of). I'll give you, in my opinion, 10 of the most difficult names to pronounce in baseball.

1. Kila Ka'aihue Pronounced [KEY-luh Kuh-eye-HOO-a]Even when you see it broken down, it's hard to say.

2. Bronson Kiheimahanaomauiakeo Sardinha [KEE-HAY-MAH-ANAO-MOW-EE-KAY-OH, SAR-DEENHA]

I would've hated to be this kid's teacher in school.

3. Marc Rzepczynski [ zep-CHIN-skee]

Okay, now things get a bit easier. THANKS, MARC!

4. Kanekoa Texeira [KAN-IH-KOH-AH, TEX-EERA]

Yes, you say the X. Not Texeira like Mark Texeira.

5. Edinson Volquez Pronounced [ed-DIN-son]

I know what you're saying, "It's not that hard, Marcus!" Say his name out loud and notice if you say Edison instead of EdINson. You're welcome for blowing your mind.

6. Cory Luebke Pronounced [loo-BECK-ee]

I'm guilty for saying this one wrong myself.

7.Wilson Betemit Pronounced [Bay-tah-mee]

Also a common one, I know most of us say BET-a-MEET.

8. Jair Jurrjens Pronounced [Jair (just as it appears) GER-GENS]

Just a very uncommon name. Sorry, Jair. Sorry, Jair's parents.

9. Jackie Robinson

Before you say anything, let me finish. According to his widow, Rachel Robinson, "Jackie" was a media creation. He went by "Jack" his entire life. You're welcome for blowing your mind again.

10. Kent Tekulve Pronounced [Tek-ULL-vee]

Just trying to say this name makes my brain hurt.

Those are my 10, but believe me, there are A LOT more out there. Let me know which name gives you the most trouble in the comment section below!