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Ump exits Phils-Marlins game after being hit by pitch

PHILADELPHIA -- Home-plate umpire John Hirschbeck left Wednesday's game between the Marlins and Phillies after he was hit by an errant pitch in the bottom of the seventh inning at Citizens Bank Park.

Hirschbeck, who replays show was hit on his right hand, immediately fell to the ground, but eventually walked off under his own power and into the Phillies' dugout. He went for X-rays, but the results were not released.

It appeared as if Marlins reliever A.J. Ramos and catcher Miguel Olivo got mixed up on the pitch, on which Olivo set up on the outside corner and Ramos came in on hitter Freddy Galvis. Originally called a ball, the play was changed to a foul tip off of Galvis' bat as he took a check swing.

Phillies manager Charlie Manuel, whose club won, 6-1, debated the decision with crew chief Bob Davidson to no avail.

"If he hadn't called a foul tip it would have been 2-0," Manuel said. "Evidently, [Hirschbeck] told the umpires it was a foul tip. Because he got hit, he was on the ground and didn't call anything. I went back and watched it, and I didn't think he hit it. That's what I was talking to Bob Davidson about."

Second-base umpire Jim Reynolds moved behind the plate, and the umpiring crew went with three members.

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