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WBC Dweller Facts

We come from 16 different nations and territories and there is so much culture between us. From favorite teams, to the ways we cheer, to hobbies, this is what I’ve learned about my fellow WBC MLB Fan Cave Dwellers so far.

I’ll be tweeting #WBCDwellerFacts throughout my stay in the MLB Fan Cave!

Toshi Sasa:

Japan's @toshi_sasa played Independent ball with the Fullerton Flyers.

He’s a Los Angeles Dodger fan.

He trained with Yu Darvish’s dad.

And he brought with him a Japanese WBC magazine and hachimaki headbands for everyone!

Pedro Carvalho:

Brazil’s @pedrogiants's favorite Brazil player is Paulo Orlando.

He's a San Francisco Giants fan.

He’s never been outside of his native country…until now.

He's engaged to be married next year.

And he’s been voted most animated Dweller while watching games:

Daryl Andrews:

Canada’s @darylmandrews designs board games.

He’s a Toronto Blue Jays fan.

He flew to the Fan Cave directly from Jays Spring Training.

And his favorite Tim Hortons doughnut is maple.

Adam Wang:

Chinese Taipei’s @adamp3 is quite an artist.

He’s a Boston Red Sox fan.

He’s a part-time graphic designer with his own personal t-shirt brand.

He takes tons of pictures.

And he helps everyone paint themselves for their team.

Damaso Rosales:

Cuba’s @RosalesDamaso has a lucky baseball that reads “Yo <3 Cuba.”

He’s a New York Yankees fan.

He also roots for the Industriales.

He loves to play baseball with his five-year-old son.

And he loves chocolate ice cream. A lot!

Yuning Wang:

China’s @honerunvv goes by the name “Vivian.”

She roots for the Beijing Tigers.

Our resident musician, she played the Chinese pipa in her video and she also plays the harmonica.

She likes to play sports and wants a job in baseball.

And she has the Chinese flag painted on her nails.

Pierluigi Mandoi:

Italy’s @Pi_Mandoi’s favorite player is Mariano Rivera.

He’s a New York Yankees fan.

He likes singing karaoke.

And he doesn’t have a brother named Mario.

Mariana P. Dibildox:

Mexico’s @mapadix likes to go by her mother’s last name “Patraca.”

She’s a Cleveland Indians fan.

She plays for Mexico’s national softball team.

And she loves to travel.

Tibaldo Hernandez:

Venezuela’s @tibaldoh roots for the Aragua Tigres.

He’s also an Atlanta Braves fan.

He likes to go to both the beach and the mountains.

He’s an interleague baseball coach with the Venezuelan team.

And we all think he looks like Martin Prado.

Nic Connell:

Australia’s @NicConnell1 is the self-proclaimed “oldest person in the Fan Cave.”

He’s an Oakland A’s fan.

He has three kids: two girls and a boy.

And he once swam with whales!

Seo Soo Yoen:

South Korea’s @_doublesy’s favorite player is Hyun-Jin Ryu.

She’s a Los Angeles Dodgers fan.

She also cheers for the SK Wyverns.

And she’s a blogger.

Julia Bol:

The Netherlands’ @JulesUnlimited is now followed on Twitter by Andruw Jones.

If she had to pick an MLB team, it would be the San Francisco Giants.

BUT she’s a pitcher on her regional softball team called the Dodgers. (Dilemma!)

And she has hoop earring complete with wooden Dutch shoes.

Josep Juaneda Josa:

Spain’s @Pepao10 is a baseball coach for the semi-professional Club Beisbol Barcelona.

He’s a San Francisco Giants fan.

His favorite player is Brian Wilson.

And he tells me that he likes to dance in his underwear. Hmm…

Juan Sarmiento:

The Dominican Republic’s @juansarmiento loves to go to the movies with his wife.

He’s a fan of whichever MLB team has the most Dominican players.

His team in Dominican, the Estrellas, hasn’t won a championship in 45 years.

And he’s a seafood lover. His favorite is conch.

Raul Rivera:

Puerto Rico’s @787_raul umpires high school baseball.

He used to be a die-hard Cubs fan, but now he lives in Miami and likes the Marlins.

He and I share a love of Carlos Beltran.

And he has two daughters and a 100-pound German Shepherd.