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Weaver Names Son Aden to Honor Nick Adenhart




On April 9, 2009, I was sitting in class when I read a text from my mom. "Did you hear about Adenhart?" she asked. I replied by saying that I saw that he dealt in his season debut. He threw six shutout innings and struck out five. Best start of his career. She said, "call me when you can." So I did. And when I talked to her I couldn't believe what she was telling me. Nick Adenhart had been hit by a drunk driver and he and two of his friends were killed. Every Angels fan has a similar story of where they were when they heard the news.

For the rest of that year, the fans created a memorial outside Angel Stadium. The Angels put up a graphic of Adenhart on the outfield wall. They also created the "Nick Adenhart Award" that gets handed out to the best pitcher each season. The award started in 2009 and Jered Weaver has won it every year. Weaver was close to Nick and to carry his memory with him, he writes "NA" in the mound dirt before each start.

On July 5, 2013, Weaver and his wife Kristen gave birth to their first child - a son they named Aden David Weaver. Aden, of course, is a nod in respect to his fallen friend and teammate. It's just another way for Weaver to carry his memory with him. Seriously awesome.