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Wilmington Blue Rocks Host Purr in the Park

I think cats are the best! But it seems like dogs get all the love when it comes to baseball. Stadiums everywhere host their own versions of Bark in the Park, inviting canines to enjoy the game. Finally, however, the Wilmington Blue Rocks, the class-A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals, realized felines should come too and that it is time to Purr in the Park. So on Tuesday, they held a "Cat Appreciation Night,” right in time for "National Hug Your Cat Day."

Matt Janus, a spokesperson for the Wilmington Blue Rocks, said, "Our focus is on honoring a great animal, and raising awareness about the need for cat adoption. Cats are incredible pets, and we just feel like people will appreciate learning more about how to welcome one into their family." I think it's the purrfect opportunity to show some love for my favourite four-legged companion. Hopefully others have taken the opportunity to fe-line it straight to the park and have a great time! Let’s just hope no fur-balls were thrown!