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World Series trophy profile

The initial World Series trophy was created by Major League Baseball in 1967. The St. Louis Cardinals were the first recipient.

The official name of the trophy is "The Commissioner's Trophy". The Baseball Commissioner presents the trophy to the owner(s), general manager and manager of the championship team. Each year, one full-sized trophy is created and awarded to the winners.

Originally, the trophy presentation took place in the clubhouse. In 1997 (Florida Marlins), the presentation was held on the field for the first time. Currently, home teams have a ceremony on the field, while visiting teams receive the trophy in the clubhouse.

MLB first commissioned Tiffany & Co. to create the World Series trophy in 2000.
It takes Tiffany & Co. master artisans more than three months and more than 200 troy ounces of sterling silver to create the trophy that stands 24-inches high (not including the base) with a diameter of 11 inches. It weighs about 30 pounds.

The trophy features 30 flags, one representing each Major League team, with latitude/longitude lines symbolizing the world and 24-karat vermeil stitches representing those on a baseball. Engraved on the base are the words: "Presented by the Commissioner of Baseball" along with the signature of Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred.