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Worth noting

• Josh Harrison, playing second base, displayed his range to make a terrific play in the second inning Saturday against the Rays. He was playing catcher Jose Molina to pull the ball, and when Molina's grounder instead bounced to the right side, Harrison raced across to field it and throw the runner out.

• If you've ever seen NFL quarterbacks warm up on the sidelines -- they throw, someone else catches the return toss and flips it to them -- then you know Francisco Liriano's workout regimen. He keeps his left arm loose, but can't catch with a broken bone in his right arm.

• Rays manager Joe Maddon, who got a 48-save, 0.60-ERA season out of the previously-erratic Fernando Rodney last season, thinks new Pirates closer Jason Grilli has the same ingredients that caught Tampa Bay scouts' eyes before acquiring Rodney.

"They all felt this was the guy [we needed to get]," said Maddon. "[Rodney] had all the mechanical assets, was just a matter of correcting how he thought of himself. "

Rodney had to get over beating himself up after a bad outing, or even a bad pitch. Grilli, whose 90 strikeouts in 58 2/3 innings were far superior to anything Rodney has ever posted, is as amnesiac as relievers come.