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Worth noting

• Maddon noted that those giving instruction must sometimes proceed with caution, particularly with new players in camp.

"When you don't really know guys, you can make some suggestions, but be careful what you say," the skipper said. "Because you know, you've got to let them be comfortable and do what they do well. A lot of times they might become available because they're a little confused or inundated with information. I prefer to let them go and if I do speak with them, I keep it real simple and not try to impact in a major way what they're doing."

• Only two Major League teams have more players representing more countries than the Rays in the World Baseball Classic. The following Rays are headed to the Classic: Zobrist (United States); right-hander Fernando Rodney (Dominican Republic); left-hander Cesar Ramos (Mexico); catcher Jose Molina (Puerto Rico); left-hander Alex Torres (Venezuela); and Minor League infielders Leonardo Reginatto and Iago Januario (Brazil).

The Brewers and the Reds are representing seven countries each.

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