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Wrigley Field to add seats behind home plate

CHICAGO -- Wrigley Field will get some extra seats behind home plate and may be able to host football games in the future.

The Commission on Chicago Landmarks' permit-review committee voted, 5-1, in favor of the Cubs' plan to move the brick wall behind home plate forward three feet to create 56 seats.

According to Crain's Chicago Business, the team also received permission to reconfigure a nearly 12-foot-long section of the wall along the third-base line so it would become movable. By doing so, Wrigley Field could be better fitted for college football games.

In November 2010, Illinois and Northwestern played at Wrigley and were forced to use only one end zone because the NCAA determined there wasn't a safe distance between the back of the east end zone and the brick outfield wall.

Michael Lufrano, vice president of community affairs and general counsel for the Cubs, said that alterations to the wall will be made in the offseason.