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Rays Rewards Auction Schedule

Here you can find the schedule of upcoming Rays Rewards auctions and the date when each experience will take place. Autographed items will vary and may include authenticated baseball, bat, helmet, photo or jersey.

For questions about Auctions please contact

Please note, the start date for each Auction is listed above the specific item and the date of each experience is listed to the left.

Auctions generally run for nine days starting at 10 a.m. on the dates listed below and close on the following Thursday at 2 p.m.


March 5

3/31 - First Pitch

3/31 - Bat Kid

3/31 - Play Ball

March 12

4/1 - Lineup Card

4/2 - Bat Kid

4/2 - Play Ball

4/1 - Photo Op

March 19

4/17 - First Pitch

4/17 - Lineup Card

4/18 - Bat Kid

March 26

Autographed Item

Suite Night


April 2

4/21 - Play Ball

4/22 - First Pitch

Autographed Item

April 9

5/7 - Play Ball

5/7 - Lineup Card

5/10 - First Pitch

April 16

Autographed Item

Suite Night

5/11 - Photo Op

April 23

Autographed Item

Batting Practice

April 30

5/22 - Bat Kid

5/22 - Lineup Card

Autographed Item


May 7

5/27 - First Pitch

5/29 - Bat Kid

5/29 - Photo Op

5/29 - Play Ball

May 14

6/1 - Lineup Card

Autographed Item

Batting Practice

May 21

6/10 - Play Ball

6/13 - First Pitch

6/13 - Bat Kid

6/13 - Photo Op

May 28

6/28 - First Pitch

6/28 - Bat Kid

6/29 - Lineup Card


June 4

6/30 - Play Ball

7/1 - First Pitch

7/2 - Lineup Card

6/29 - Photo Op

7/3 - First Pitch

June 11

7/5 - Bat Kid

7/6 - First Pitch

7/5 - Photo Op

7/6 - Play Ball

June 18

7/19 - Lineup Card

7/19 - Photo Op

Autographed Item

June 25

7/21 - First Pitch

7/22 - Bat Kid

7/22 - Play Ball


July 2

8/4 - Play Ball

Batting Practice

Autographed Item

July 9

8/5 - First Pitch

8/5 - Bat Kid

8/6 - Lineup Card

July 16

8/16 - First Pitch

8/16 - Bat Kid

Suite Night

8/17 - Photo Op

July 23

Autographed Item

8/19 - Play Ball

Batting Practice



July 30

8/20 - Bat Kid

Autographed Item


August 6

8/30 - Lineup Card

8/31 - First Pitch

8/31 - Bat Kid

9/2 - Bat Kid

9/4 - Play Ball

August 13

9/5 - First Pitch

9/6 - Lineup Card

9/8 - Bat Kid

August 20

9/20 - Bat Kid

9/21 - Play Ball

9/23 - First Pitch

August 27

Autographed Item

Auction Descriptions

First Pitch:
Bid now to experience the excitement of throwing out the first pitch in front of thousands of Rays fans at Tropicana Field! This opportunity will take place during the pre-game activities of a Rays home game. If you do not have tickets for the game on the date of the experience you will be given two tickets for that game. Each winner is permitted to have one guest on the field during this experience.

Batting Practice:
Pre-game access to batting practice from the field before a Rays home game, don't miss this! The winner will receive 4 Field Passes and 4 tickets to the date Rays game they choose (game selection subject to availability, day games are not eligible).

Photo Opportunity:
Create a lifelong memory by capturing a profile-picture worthy photo with your favorite Rays players. This experience gives you the opportunity to attend Batting Practice and get exclusive photos with some of your favorite Rays players. The winner will receive four Field Passes and four tickets to the game for which they win the experience. (Autographs are not permitted during this experience and specific players will be selected on the date of the game).

Suite Night:
Live the suite life while you cheer on the Rays during a home game from your own private suite! The winner will receive 16 tickets and 3 parking pass to a suite for a Rays home game, (game selection is subject to availability). Food and beverage options are available for purchase through our onsite concessionaire.

Play Ball Kid:
The game can't start until we hear the words "Play Ball" and we can't hear those words without our youngest Rays fans shouting it! The winner will receive two Field Passes for this experience, one for the child (aged 3- 12) and one for their guardian, tickets to the game will not be provided.

Honorary Bat Kid:
What's cooler than dropping the rosin bag and game ball off before one of your favorite Rays pitchers takes the mound? We can't think of anything either, bid now to lock in this experience for the young Rays fan in your life! (Eligible for children ages 4-14 only). The winner will receive two Field Passes for this experience, one for the child and one for their guardian, tickets to the game will not be provided.

Lineup Card Delivery:
This experience gives you the opportunity to deliver the lineup card with a Rays coach prior to a home game. The winner will receive two Field Passes (only one person will participate in the experience) and two tickets to the game for which they win the experience.