How does Royals HOF selection work?

November 19th, 2020

KANSAS CITY -- Now that is retired, many fans have asked how soon he will be voted into the Royals Hall of Fame.

The answer? In 2025, Gordon will be eligible to be on the RHOF ballot, and obviously will be a first-ballot choice.

As for former manager Ned Yost, he’ll be eligible in 2023.

But many fans also have wondered about the selection process for the Royals Hall of Fame, so we thought we’d offer up the nuts and bolts:

How often is the vote? Every other year, so come January another ballot will be sent out to electors for 2021 induction.

Who are the electors? There are a total of 40 electors, consisting of all living members of the Royals Hall of Fame, select members of the Royals board of directors, select members of the Kansas City Chapter of the Baseball Writers' Association of America (I have had a vote since the 1990s), select Kansas City electronic media members, select members of the Royals front office and fans via online balloting which equates to two elector votes.

Who is eligible for the RHOF? To be eligible, players must have been active in MLB 12 years prior to consideration with a career ending three years or more prior to consideration. In Gordon’s case, he doesn’t officially become a non-player until 2021, meaning he won’t be eligible until 2024, which is a non-voting year. Players receiving 10 percent of the vote during the most recent election remain on the ballot for at least five voting cycles. Eligible players must have been active with the Royals for at least three seasons and either accumulated a minimum of 1,500 plate appearances or 300 innings pitched.

What is the threshold to get elected? Players receiving 75 percent of the ballots are elected and scheduled for induction.

How do non-players or past players get in the RHOF? Also in odd-numbered years, a separate Veterans Committee considers non-player personnel (like Yost) and players who were previously dropped off the ballot. The Veterans Committee consists of the main ownership group and selected front office employees. The Veterans Ballot itself is chosen by select members of the RHOF executive board. And for fans wondering if former general manager Cedric Tallis will ever get in the RHOF, his placement on the Veterans Committee ballot would be at the discretion of the Royals Hall of Fame executive board.