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Predict who will lead the decade (2020-2029) in 9 categories and compete to win $1,000,000.

Home Runs

Who will smash the most home runs this decade?


Who will record the most hits during the 2020s?

Wins (Pitcher)

Which pitcher will tally the most wins in the next 10 years?

Strikeouts (Pitcher)

Who will notch the most K's in the 2020s?

Team Wins

Which club will record the most W's during the upcoming decade?

World Series Titles (Team)

Which club will win the most titles in the 2020s?

MVP Awards

Who will win the most MVP awards this decade?

Cy Young Awards

Who will take home the top pitching award the most times in the 2020s?

All-Star Games

Who will be named to the most All-Star teams in the next 10 seasons?