Mobile Ordering at Target Field

Mobile Ordering with the MLB Ballpark app is the most convenient way to purchase concessions and merchandise at Target Field. Simply pre-order your items on your smartphone using the MLB Ballpark app and receive a notification when your order is ready for express pickup. Mobile Ordering offers you an easy way to skip the line so that you don’t miss any of the action on the field!

Twins Season Ticket Holders: Your Season Ticket Holder discount on concessions and merchandise is automatically applied to all mobile orders.

Step 1: Open ‘Mobile Ordering’ in the MLB Ballpark app

Open the MLB Ballpark app and tap the “TC” logo to navigate to the team page. Tap on Mobile Ordering (Express Pickup) to begin the order process.

Step 2: Select a concession stand in the app and place your order

Select a concessions or merchandise stand location within the app for your mobile order. Mobile Ordering is available at 14 concessions locations throughout Target Field.

Add your items to the cart and follow all payment steps on the mobile checkout screen. You will receive a text confirmation once your order has been successfully placed.

Step 3: Pick up your order from the designated express pickup location

Receive a text message notification when your order is ready for pickup. Walk to the designated stand location and pick up your items from the express pickup lane.

Mobile Ordering Instructions: a list of stands with 'Order Food & Beverage' buttons underneath
Mobile Ordering Instructions: list of food items and prices
Mobile Ordering Instructions: order summary

Delta SKY360° Club In-Seat Delivery

Thrivent Club guests can use Mobile Ordering to get concessions delivered directly to their seat. Using the MLB Ballpark app, select In-Seat Delivery (Thrivent Club), enter your section/row/seat number, and place your order. Your order will be delivered to your seat as soon as it’s ready.

Twins Season Ticket Holders: Your Season Ticket Holder discount on concessions is automatically applied to all Thrivent Club In-Seat Delivery orders.

Mobile Ordering FAQs

What is the MLB Ballpark app?
The MLB Ballpark app is your mobile companion for your visit to Target Field. You can use the app to manage your digital tickets, order concessions and merchandise, view ballpark information, access exclusive content and features, and more!

Will Mobile Ordering be compatible with my smartphone device?
Mobile Ordering with the MLB Ballpark app is available on Apple and Android devices.

How do I navigate to Mobile Ordering within the MLB Ballpark app?
In the MLB Ballpark app, tap the TC logo at the bottom to navigate to the Team page. Select the Mobile Ordering (Express Pickup) tile and follow the instructions to place your order.

Which concessions and retail locations at Target Field are available for mobile ordering?
Mobile Ordering is available for express pickup at the following concessions locations throughout Target Field:

  • Mill City Grill (Section 105)
  • Hennepin Grille (Section 109)
  • Mill City Grill (Section 118)
  • Hangar 54 Pizza (Section 122)
  • Official Fried Chicken (Section 133)
  • 1st Base Lounge (Section 1)
  • 3rd Base Lounge (Section 17)
  • Red Cow / Pizza Lucé (Section 233)
  • Town Ball Tavern (Section 229)
  • Hennepin Grille (Section Q - Thrivent Club)
  • Truly On Deck (Club Level Right Field)
  • Hennepin Grille (Section 311)
  • Beer Me (Section 111)
  • Beer Me (Section 118)
  • Beer Me (Section 130)
  • Beer Me (Section 302)
  • Beer Me (Section 326)

How do I pay for my items using Mobile Ordering?
Mobile Ordering allows you to pre-pay for your order using the app. Follow the instructions on the mobile checkout screen to securely pay with a credit or debit card. Once you submit payment, your order will be prepared for express pickup at the stand.

Will I be able to apply my Season Ticket Holder discount using Mobile Ordering?
Yes! Your Season Ticket Holder discount will be automatically applied to all Mobile Ordering transactions. Season Ticket Holders may also sign up their season ticket partners to receive access to their discount via Mobile Ordering.

Is there an extra fee or surcharge for using Mobile Ordering?
No, there are no added fees or surcharges for using Mobile Ordering.

Where do I go to pick up my items once they are ready?
Please pick up your mobile order from the express pickup line at the designated stand location as indicated within the MLB Ballpark app. Your order confirmation page and text message notification will indicate the stand name and the closest section number.

What is “Beer Me”?
Select the “Beer Me” tile in the MLB Ballpark app to use your mobile device to order beer for convenient pickup. Choose from three designated Beer Me stands throughout Target Field. The mobile ordering and express pickup process works the same as Mobile Ordering as described on this page.