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T.C. Sluggers Kids Club

Presented by Perkins

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For $30*, your child’s T.C. Sluggers membership, presented by Perkins, comes with all sorts of awesome benefits – Twins swag, special perks and access to exclusive T.C. Sluggers kids club opportunities and more!

$30 membership benefits include: T-shirt (Youth S, M or XL); T.C. Sluggers Lanyard; T.C. Sluggers Rally Towel; T.C. Sluggers Snapback Hat; T.C. Sluggers Backpack; T.C. Slugger Rubber Bracelet; T.C. Slugger Member Card; T.C. Pen Pal Postcard; Two Ticket Vouchers**; Invite to T.C. Sluggers Members Page

*Service fee not included

** 2021 T.C. Sluggers Kids Club memberships include 2 ticket vouchers. However due to COVID-19, there is uncertainty around stadium capacity and safety restrictions. We are currently unable to provide specific details around usage and redemption of 2021 ticket vouchers. As a result, the 2021 vouchers will be sent out at a later point in time and will not be included with the initial membership package. If we are not able to honor them in 2021, we will honor them in 2022 (some exclusions will apply). Thank you in advance for your understanding.