Road Uniforms

Updating the classic look first worn by Kirby Puckett, Kent Hrbek and Jack Morris, and then later by Torii Hunter, Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau, with a contemporary twist for Byron Buxton, Jose Miranda, Joe Ryan and those to follow, the iconic gray-and-pinstripe motif of club lore is modernized and paired with a bold new “M” hat. The club’s new road uniform delivers a power representation of the Twins and our home state for Minnesota’s next generation of champions.

Minnesota Script

Celebrating the Twins’ championship heritage, the arched, blocked “MINNESOTA” script returns, now in the club’s exclusive new font and – in a team first – delivered in striking navy. In further nods to club history, the “S” features the power serifs of the Target Field-era “Twins” script, while the “T” is inspired by the heritage “TC” mark.


Every Twins player inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame wore pinstripes at some point in their Minnesota careers. Previously featured on primary home uniforms (1961-71, 1987-2014), road jerseys (1987-2009) and on an alternate home jersey (2010-18), the classic look returns, but in a subtle, gray-on-gray color scheme that accentuates the prevalent red, white and navy palette.

Player Number (front)

A staple of Twins road jerseys since 1973, the player’s number remains on the uniform front, but now in the club’s exclusive new font – and in red, to offset the navy of the “Minnesota” script for a vivid color juxtaposition.

Player Name and Number (back)

Like the front, the player’s name and number – delivered in the Twins’ exclusive new font – are presented in offsetting navy (name) and red (number).

Sleeve Emblem

Linking to the fabled mark of Minnie & Paul within the state outline, the left sleeve features a navy Minnesota silhouette adorned with a red North Star, representing the location of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Lettering (overall)

For the first time in Twins history, no elements of the road uniform are outlined in a secondary color or accentuated by a drop shadow. This key component of the system’s clean, refined and modern design allows for key visuals – the “Minnesota” script, player name and number, and sleeve emblem – to vibrantly resonate within the red, white and navy palette.


First seen on Rod Carew en route to his 1972 American League batting title and reintroduced on a throwback worn by Joe Mauer during his 2009 AL Most Valuable Player campaign, the sleeve and pant piping is a tri-color pattern of navy, white and red stripes.

M Hat

As the first professional sports organization to take the field bearing their state’s name, the Twins are proud to be Minnesota’s Major League Baseball team. The sibling mark of the legacy “TC,” with a white “M” and red North Star dynamically set upon the distinctive navy backdrop, this new look is an instantly iconic representation of the Twins and our state for Minnesota’s next generation of champions – and the team’s first on-field “M” hat since 2013.