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MLB Rally Official Rules


EFFECTIVE DATE: These Official Rules have been updated as of July 12, 2021.

1) Promotion Structure: Rally (the "Promotion") is devised as a non-gambling promotion and is intended solely for entertainment purposes. The Promotion is comprised of multiple contests (each, a “Contest”), each as further described in Section 4 below. If eligible for Contest prizing as described in Section 3 below, participants will compete for the opportunity to win the prize designated for the applicable Contest (each such prize, a “Prize”). The Promotion will begin at 8:00 am Eastern Time (“ET”) on April 1, 2021 and end upon earlier of the conclusion of the final game of the 2021 Major League Postseason or the date upon which Sponsor announces the close of the Promotion (the “Promotion Period”). Periodically during the Promotion Period, Sponsor may announce new Contests, in which case Sponsor will update Section 4 of these Official Rules to detail the parameters of each new Contest. By registering for the Promotion, you agree to be bound by these Official Rules, provided that each individual Contest Tab (as defined below) will only apply to you if and when you enter the Contest applicable to such Contest Tab. The Promotion is subject to all applicable federal, state, and local rules and regulations. Void where prohibited or restricted by law, rule, or regulation.

2) Promotion Registration: To participate in the Promotion, you must be a registered user of Click on the Promotion banners, buttons, and/or links to complete and submit the Promotion registration form. By fully completing and submitting all information required for Promotion registration, including your date of birth, and confirming your agreement to these Official Rules, you will be registered as a Promotion participant. account registration is free. Data and usage rates may apply to download, installation, and use of the Promotion’s mobile app (“App”) or of a mobile phone or other web-enabled device; check with your service provider for details on these and other charges. Wireless service is not available in all areas. Throughout the Promotion Period, Sponsor may release updates to the App and notify you of the availability of such updates via in-App messaging or other means. Be sure to install these updates to participate in the Promotion via the App. If you do not install updates to the App when they are available, you may not be able to participate in the Promotion via the App. Incomplete registrations are void. Participants are responsible for ensuring all their contact information is up-to-date and accurate.

3) Eligibility and Limits: The Promotion is open only to legal residents of the United States, including its commonwealths, territories, and possessions, who are, as of the date of Promotion registration, registered users of, twenty-one (21) years of age or older, and not otherwise ineligible per the terms of this Section 3. Employees, officers, and directors and their immediate family members (spouse, parent, child, sibling, and their respective spouses, regardless of where they reside) and members of the same household (whether or not related) of MLB Advanced Media, L.P. (“Sponsor”), the other MLB Entities (as defined below), ROAR Digital, MGM Resorts International Operations, Inc. (together with ROAR Digital, "MGM"), teamDigital Promotions, Inc. ("Administrator"), each of their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, governors, related entities, partners, partnerships, principals, licensees, sponsors, and advertising/promotion agencies, any other entity associated with the Promotion, and all of their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, successors, and assigns (collectively, "Promotion Parties") are not eligible to participate or win. The "MLB Entities" shall mean Sponsor, the Office of the Commissioner of Baseball (“BOC”), its Bureaus, Committees, Subcommittees and Councils, Major League Baseball Properties, Inc., The MLB Network, LLC, the Major League Baseball Clubs (“Clubs”), each of their parent, subsidiary, affiliated and related entities, any entity which, now or in the future, controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with the Clubs or the BOC, and the owners, general and limited partners, shareholders, directors, officers, employees, and agents of the foregoing entities.

Limit one (1) Promotion registration and, except as may be otherwise specified in a Contest Tab, one (1) entry for each Contest per person/email address for the duration of the Promotion Period. Additional Promotion registrations and Contest entries received from any person/email address will be void. The use of a script, macro, or any other device to automate or subvert the Promotion registration or Contest entry process is prohibited and all such registrations and entries will be void. Sponsor reserves the right to permanently disqualify any person it believes has intentionally violated these Official Rules.

4) Contest Descriptions and Entry: Certain Contests may be available via the App only (“App Only Contests”) and certain Contests may be available via the App and the Promotion website (“Universal Entry Contests”). The parameters of each individual Contest, including the available entry method, entry period, rules for determining the Prize winner, and any Contest-specific Prize terms, are further detailed in the below-subsections (each, a “Contest Tab”). To enter a specific Contest, you must submit an entry in accordance with the below and instructions set forth in the applicable Contest Tab (if any).


Description and Entry Period:

The Promotion’s standard Contest (“Rally Standard”) is an App Only Contest which invites participants to compete by submitting certain solicited predictions regarding outcomes of a single Major League Baseball game (each, an “MLB Game”) scheduled to take place on the day of the applicable Rally Standard. Except as may be otherwise announced within the App, a Rally Standard will take place on each day of the 2021 Major League Baseball season, provided that one (1) or more MLB Game(s) is actually played on such day. If no MLB Game takes place on any given day within the Promotion Period, no Rally Standard shall be conducted for such day. For each Rally Standard, the App will solicit predictions to be made during an MLB Game (i.e., while the MLB Game is in live play) (“In-Game Predictions”) and specify the maximum number of In-Game Predictions that may be submitted as a single Rally Standard entry (the “Pick Number”), which Pick Number may vary across each Rally Standard. The prompts for each solicited In-Game Prediction will display points which may be earned for such In-Game Prediction. The App will track your submitted In-Game Predictions and when you submit a total number of consecutive In-Game Predictions which equals the Pick Number (or when the entry period closes, if you submit fewer In-Game Predictions than the Pick Number), you will receive one (1) entry into the applicable Rally Standard, provided that your In-Game Predictions are submitted in accordance with these rules, including the Deadline (as defined below). Although your entry is comprised of your consecutive In-Game Predictions (i.e., your initial In-Game Prediction and each subsequent In-Game Prediction up until you reach the Pick Number), you are not required to submit In-Game Predictions in a particular sequence, and you are not required to submit In-Game Predictions at every available opportunity. For example, if, during the first inning, the App makes available or solicits In-Game Predictions for the first, second, and third player at-bats, you may submit an In-Game Prediction for the third player at-bat, then the first player at-bat, and you may avoid submitting any In-Game Prediction for the second at-bat. The entry period for each Rally Standard will begin on or about 10:00 AM ET (as announced within the App) and end at the conclusion of the final MLB Game for the day. Registered Promotion participants must submit one (1) or more In-Game Predictions prior to the Deadline to receive an entry in Rally Standard.

Entry Limits

Limit one (1) Rally Standard entry per person/per day. Be aware that the App will permit you to submit In-Game Predictions in excess of the Pick Number. If you submit In-Game Predictions equal to the Pick Number (a “Pick Set”), you may continue to submit additional In-Game Predictions and, if you submit a second (or third, or fourth, etc.) Pick Set, the App will evaluate each of your Pick Sets and apply your highest scoring Pick Set as your Rally Standard entry. (If you have submitted an initial Pick Set and then submit additional In-Game Predictions but such additional In-Game Predictions are fewer than the Pick Number at the close of the entry period, such additional In-Game Predictions will be evaluated as a Pick Set for purposes of determining your Rally Standard entry.) For the avoidance of doubt, your Rally Standard entry will be comprised of In-Game Predictions you submit in connection with a single MLB Game and will compete with entries submitted by other participants in connection with the same MLB Game. In other words, a separate Rally Standard will be conducted for each MLB Game.

Prediction Deadline:

You may change your Rally Standard In-Game Predictions up until the following deadline, at which point your submitted Predictions will be “locked” for scoring purposes (the “Deadline”): the time of the start of the MLB Game event contemplated within the prompt (e.g., if the In-Game Prediction concerns the outcome of an inning, then the Deadline is the start of the applicable inning; if the In-Game Prediction concerns the outcome of an at-bat, then the Deadline is the start of the applicable batter’s turn at the plate). To be scored for competition purposes, your In-Game Predictions must be submitted and recorded by the Sponsor prior to the Deadline. No points will be awarded for In-Game Predictions submitted or recorded after the Deadline.


Each Rally Standard will feature three (3) Prizes, which will be announced within the App on or about 10:00 AM ET of the applicable Rally Standard date. Limit one (1) Rally Standard Prize per person/day. For the avoidance of doubt, if you win a prize in one day’s Rally Standard, you are eligible to compete and win a prize in a separate day’s Rally Standard.


Participants will accrue points for correct In-Game Predictions in accordance with the points value displayed for each In-Game Prediction. Sponsor will score Rally Standard entries and assign points in real-time and in accordance with the below.

  • In-Game Predictions will be scored immediately upon the conclusion of the applicable event.
  • In the event that, for any reason, a solicited In-Game Prediction concerns an MLB Game or MLB Game outcome or event which does not take place (e.g., an In-Game Prediction concerns a specific anticipated batter who has been replaced by a substitute batter), such In-Game Prediction will be void and will not be scored for purposes of Rally Standard competition. In such event, the voided In-Game Prediction does not apply towards your Pick Set. In other words, you may submit, as part of your Rally Standard entry, a new or additional In-Game Prediction in place of the voided one.
  • In the event that, for any reason, an MLB Game is suspended for the day (e.g., for severe weather), Sponsor will score the In-Game Predictions submitted and recorded up until the time of suspension. For any MLB Game which is suspended and resumes play on a subsequent date, the resumed portion of the MLB Game and any associated In-Game Predictions will be void and will not be scored for purposes of Rally Standard competition.
  • In the event that, after Sponsor has scored and issued points for any In-Game Prediction and the applicable MLB Game or event outcome is changed, corrected, or otherwise adjusted by Major League Baseball (e.g., following an instant replay review or following review initiated by a Club), points awarded within Rally Standard for the applicable In-Game Prediction will not be changed, corrected, or otherwise adjusted, even if such change, correction, or adjustment is anticipated by an Rally Standard participant.
  • Sponsor reserves the right, but assumes no obligation, to correct and update Rally Standard scores based on errors or irregularities in the tabulation, transmission, or publication of MLB Game outcomes or In-Game Prediction scores.

The decisions of Sponsor are final and binding with respect to Rally Standard scoring and in all other Rally Standard matters.


Subject to verification of eligibility and compliance with these Official Rules, the three (3) entrants who earn the highest score for a Rally Standard will win the Prize announced for such Rally Standard, provided that in the event of a tie, the following terms apply:

  • If the tied-for Prize is a cash Prize, the cash Prize will be equally divided and shared among the winners, subject to the 10+ Tiebreaker (as defined below).
  • If the tied-for Prize is not a cash Prize, the Prize will be converted to a cash Prize equal to the approximate retail value of the original, non-cash Prize and such cash Prize will be equally divided and shared among the winners, subject to the 10+ Tiebreaker (as defined below).
  • The “10+ Tiebreaker” means that, in the event that 10 or more entrants are tied for a Prize, the 10 entrants who, according to Sponsor's records, submitted their entries first will be deemed the winners.

See the below-listed example of how ties will be resolved:

  • If twelve (12) entrants tie for a Rally Standard Prize which is an MLB jersey with approximate retail value of $165, the Rally Standard Prize will be converted to a $165 cash Prize, then the ten (10) entrants who, among the tied twelve (12), submitted their entries first will win $16.50.

B. QUICK PICK CONTEST: “Quick Pick” is a Universal Entry Contest. Click here for the parameters of the Quick Pick Contest.

C. RALLY PRO CONTEST: "Rally Pro" is an App Only Contest. Click here for parameters of the Rally Pro Contest.

D. [UPDATE] RALLY ALL-STAR CONTEST: “Rally All-Star” is an App Only Contest which is available on the day of the 2021 MLB All-Star Game Presented by Mastercard. Click here for the parameters of the Rally All-Star Contest.

5. Prize Terms: The Prize(s) for each Contest will be announced within the App (and, for Universal Entry Contests, on the Promotion website) no later than at the start of the applicable Contest entry period. Winner(s) of Rally Pro will be determined as described in the table above. For Contests other than Rally Pro, the winner(s) will be determined as described in the applicable Contest Tab. All costs and expenses associated with acceptance and use of any Prize which are not specifically described in the applicable Prize description as being provided by Sponsor, including but not limited to federal, state, and local taxes (including income and withholding taxes), are the sole responsibility of the winner. All Prize details are at Sponsor’s sole discretion. The cash component of Prizes, if any, will be awarded via electronic funds transfer, in the form of a check, or such other means as may be reasonably determined by Sponsor. Terms and conditions may apply to non-cash components of a Prize, as determined by the Prize supplier.

For any Prize which includes a Major League Baseball game/event/exhibition ticket, the following terms apply: Use of any Major League Baseball game/event/exhibition ticket is subject to the standard terms, conditions, and health and safety policies applicable to the ticket; see for details. Seat location at the game/event/exhibition and, unless otherwise stated in the Prize description, exact game/event/exhibition date shall be determined in the sole discretion of Sponsor. Winner’s guest, if any, must be of legal age of majority in his/her(their) jurisdiction(s) of residence unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Major League Baseball game/event/exhibition dates and times are determined in the sole discretion of the BOC and/or the applicable Club and may be subject to change. The terms and conditions of the tickets awarded as part of the Prize will govern in the event a legal game/event/exhibition, as defined by Major League Baseball, is not played or held due to weather conditions, an act of God, an act of terrorism, civil disturbance, or any other reason. Winner and his/her guest, if any, agree to comply with all applicable ballpark and venue regulations in connection with the prize. Sponsor and the other MLB Entities reserve the right to remove or to deny entry to the winner and/or his/her guest, if any, who engage in a non-sportsmanlike or disruptive manner or with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass any other person at the game/event/exhibition. Released Parties (as defined below) will not be responsible for weather conditions; acts of God; acts of terrorism; civil disturbances; local, state, or federal regulation, order, or policy; work stoppage; epidemic, pandemic, or any other issue concerning public health or safety; or any other event outside of their control that may cause the cancellation or postponement of any Major League Baseball game/event/exhibition. Major League Baseball game/event/exhibition tickets awarded as prizes may not be resold, offered for resale, or used for any commercial or promotional purpose whatsoever. Any such resale or commercial or promotional use may result in disqualification and prize forfeiture, and may invalidate the license granted by the game/event/exhibition ticket.

6. Winner Notification: Each potential winner will be notified by email and/or telephone approximately three (3) business days following the conclusion of the applicable Contest. Participants are solely responsible for monitoring their email and voice message systems for Promotion-related notifications. In order to receive a Prize, potential winners may be required to execute and return an Affidavit of Eligibility, Liability Release and (where legal) Publicity Release, and any other documents required by Sponsor, within five (5) business days of date of issuance. Each potential winner may also be required to submit his/her valid social security number and/or other identification to Sponsor and may receive an IRS Form 1099 for any prize valued at $600 or greater (or if such winner has won multiple prizes valued at $600 in the aggregate). If any Prize or Prize notification is returned as undeliverable or is declined, if Sponsor or Administrator is unable to contact a potential winner, if the potential winner does not timely respond to Prize notification or document requirements, or if a potential winner is not in compliance with these Official Rules, such potential winner will be disqualified and the Prize in question will go unawarded, provided however that in the event of tie, the Prize may be awarded to the remaining, non-disqualified potential winner(s). Prizes will be awarded only to the Authorized Account Holder of the email address used for Promotion registration (subject to verification of eligibility and compliance with these Official Rules). The “Authorized Account Holder” is the natural person to whom the applicable ISP or other organization (such as a business or educational institution) has assigned the submitted email address for the domain associated with such email address.

7. Publicity: Except where prohibited by law, by registering for the Promotion, each participant grants permission to the Promotion Parties for the use of his/her name, photograph, likeness, statements, biographical information, voice, address (city and state), and Prize information (if any) worldwide and in all forms of media worldwide, in perpetuity, without further compensation or notice, for any and all purposes, including promotional and advertising purposes and for inclusion on a Promotion winners list.

8. Promotion Conditions: By registering for the Promotion, each participant accepts and agrees (a) to be bound by these Official Rules, including all eligibility requirements, the Major League Baseball website Privacy Policy (available at and Terms of Use (available at, and the decisions of the Sponsor, which shall be final and binding in all respects and (b) gives his/her express permission to be contacted by Sponsor and/or its representatives for Promotion administration purposes. Sponsor's computer will be the official clock of the Promotion. By registering for the Promotion, each participant also agrees to refrain from conduct or communications which may harm the image or reputation of Sponsor or the other Promotion Parties, as determined in Sponsor's sole discretion. No transfer, assignment, cash redemption, or substitution of a Prize (or portion thereof) is permitted except by Sponsor, who reserves the right to substitute a Prize (or portion thereof) with one of comparable or greater value as determined by Sponsor. Participation in the Promotion is at participant's own risk. The Promotion Parties and Apple, Inc. (collectively, “Released Parties”) are not responsible for lost, incomplete, inaccurate, garbled, late, delayed, undelivered, or misdirected registrations, predictions, or entries; theft, destruction, or unauthorized access to, or alteration of, entries; failures or malfunctions of phones/mobile devices (including wireless phones/handsets or other wireless devices), phone lines, or telephone systems; interrupted or unavailable network, server, cable, satellite, Internet Service Provider, or other connections; any error, omission, interruption, defect, or delay in any transmission or communication; network traffic congestion or for any technical problem, including, but not limited to, any injury or damage to participant’s or any other person’s computer or mobile device related to or resulting from participation in this Promotion; errors or ambiguity in these Official Rules, any Promotion-related advertisements, or other materials; the selection or announcement of potential winners or the distribution of Prizes; the cancellation, suspension, or preemption of MLB Games, scoring tabulation, or timing errors; injuries or unavailability of Major League Baseball players; or other problems or errors of any kind whether mechanical, human, electronic, typographical, printing, or otherwise. Participants are responsible for any charges of online or Internet service providers or wireless carriers. Sponsor reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any participant and void any his/her entries if Sponsor believes such participant has attempted to tamper with or impair the administration, security, fairness, or proper play of this Promotion or is in violation of these Official Rules or the Major League Baseball website Terms of Use. Sponsor and Administrator, in their sole discretion, reserve the right to modify, suspend, extend, terminate, or cancel the Promotion (or any portion thereof) at any time and for any reason, including, but not limited to, to ensure the fairness and integrity of the Promotion or in the event Sponsor or Administrator is prevented from executing the Promotion (or any portion thereof) as contemplated herein by any event beyond their control, including but not limited to: fire; flood; earthquake; explosion; public health epidemic or crisis; labor dispute or strike; act of God or public enemy; network or equipment failure; riot or civil disturbance; terrorist threat or activity; war (declared or undeclared); court order; or federal, state, or local government law, order, or regulation. Sponsor and Administrator also reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to modify, suspend, extend, terminate, or cancel the Promotion (or any portion thereof) should virus, bugs, unauthorized human intervention, or other causes or events corrupt administration, security, fairness, integrity, or proper operation of the Promotion. In the event of termination or cancellation of a Contest prior to its natural conclusion, Sponsor and Administrator may elect not to award the applicable Prize or identify the winner and award the applicable Prize by judging all non-suspect, eligible entries received up to the time of termination or cancellation.


Sponsor and Administrator reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to modify these Official Rules for clarification purposes and to add additional Contest formats, without materially affecting the terms and conditions of the Promotion.

In the event that the Promotion is challenged by any legal or regulatory authority, Sponsor and Administrator reserve the right to discontinue or modify the Promotion, or to disqualify participants residing in the affected geographic areas. In such event, the Sponsor and Administrator shall have no liability to any participants who are disqualified due to such action.

9. Waiver/Release, Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer of Warranties: By registering for the Promotion, each participant agrees (a) to waive any right to claim any ambiguity or error in these Official Rules, the Promotion website, or the App and (b) to indemnify, hold harmless, and fully release the Released Parties from any claim, action, demand, liability, loss, injury, or damage caused, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, by participation in the Promotion, any Promotion-related activity, and the acceptance, possession, quality, use, or misuse of any Prize, including any travel or activity related thereto and any and all taxes and other fees applicable thereto. IN NO EVENT WILL THE RELEASED PARTIES BE RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES OR LOSSES OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF YOUR ACCESS TO AND PARTICIPATION IN THE PROMOTION. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE RELEASED PARTIES’ TOTAL LIABILITY TO YOU FOR ALL DAMAGES, LOSSES, OR CAUSES OF ACTION EXCEED $100. WITHOUT LIMITING THE FOREGOING, THE PROMOTION, INCLUDING THE PRIZES, IS PROVIDED "AS IS" WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR NON-INFRINGEMENT. SOME JURISDICTIONS MAY NOT ALLOW THE LIMITATIONS OR EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OR EXCLUSION OF IMPLIED WARRANTIES SO SOME OF THE ABOVE LIMITATIONS OR EXCLUSIONS MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. CHECK YOUR LOCAL LAWS FOR ANY RESTRICTIONS OR LIMITATIONS REGARDING THESE LIMITATIONS OR EXCLUSIONS.

10. Arbitration: Except where prohibited by law, as a condition of participating in this Promotion, each Promotion participant agrees that (a) any and all disputes and causes of action arising out of or connected with this Promotion, or Prizes awarded, shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action, and exclusively by final and binding arbitration under the rules of JAMS and held in New York County, New York; (b) the Federal Arbitration Act shall govern the interpretation, enforcement, and all proceedings at such arbitration; and (c) judgment upon such arbitration award may be entered in any court having jurisdiction. Under no circumstances will any participant be permitted to obtain awards for, and each participant hereby waives all rights to claim, punitive, incidental, or consequential damages, or any other damages, including attorneys' fees, other than participant's actual out-of-pocket expenses (i.e., costs associated with participating in this Promotion), and each participant further waives all rights to have damages multiplied or increased. For New Jersey residents, the limitations set forth above are inapplicable where attorneys' fees, court costs, or other damages are mandated by statute.

11. Choice of Law: All issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation, and enforceability of these Official Rules, or the rights and obligations of participant and Sponsor in connection with the Promotion, shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the substantive laws of the State of New York, USA.

12. Privacy: All information submitted by Promotion participants is subject to, and will be treated in a manner consistent with, Major League Baseball's website Privacy Policy, accessible at By registering for the Promotion, each participant hereby gives permission to Sponsor to share information regarding his/her Promotion registration and activity with MGM and its subsidiaries and affiliates, including ROAR Digital, which such information shall be used in accordance with the MGM privacy policy ( and the BetMGM privacy policy (, as applicable, including for purposes of receiving marketing communications. Participants may opt-out of MGM and BetMGM marketing communications as described in the aforementioned privacy policies.

13. Winner Information: For the name(s) of the winner(s) (available on a rolling basis throughout the Promotion Period and for 90 days thereafter), visit

14. Sponsor: MLB Advanced Media, L.P., 1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020.

15. Administrator: teamDigital Promotions, Inc., 6 Berkshire Blvd, Bethel, CT 06801 /

This Promotion is a contest designed to increase consumer awareness of and interest in Major League Baseball.

Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion. Major League Baseball trademarks, service marks, and copyrights are proprietary to the MLB Entities. All rights reserved.