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2020 Astros Buddies Club

presented by BBVA

Below are a few frequently asked questions about the Astros Buddies Club. If your question is not listed below, please reach out to our Astros Buddies Call Center at 888-418-6716 or email any questions to [email protected]

What ages are eligible to be a Buddies member?

Any Astros fan 12 years old and younger are eligible to be part of the Astros Buddies Club.

Are there different sizes for the Buddies items?

Unfortunately, to accommodate the wide age range of members, all items are the same size.

How do I redeem the discount at the Astros Team Store?

To redeem your discount at the team store, please bring your Buddies badge with you. Upon check out, the badge will be punched to receive the discount.

When can I expect delivery of my Astros Buddies Package?

You will receive the Membership Badge, and the Buddies Kit (Backpack, Socks, Hat, and Lanyard) in the mail 1-2 weeks after your order is processed. Be sure to use your Buddies membership badge to enjoy all the exclusive benefits of being an Astros Buddies member.