Astros Front Office Directory

Houston Astros
Minute Maid Park
501 Crawford St.
Houston, TX 77002

Executive Office

Owner and Chairman | Jim Crane
Senior Vice President, Affiliate Business Operations | Creighton Kahoalii
Senior Vice President, Business Operations | Marcel Braithwaite
Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer | Michael Slaughter
Senior Vice President, Community Affairs + Executive Director, Astros Foundation | Paula Harris
Senior Vice President, Executive Operations | Jared Crane
Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications | Anita Sehgal
Senior Vice President and General Counsel + President, Astros Golf Foundation | Giles Kibbe
Vice President, Accounting | Abby Brantley
Vice President, Affiliate Operations | Thomas Bell
Vice President, Business Strategy and Analytics | Jay Verrill
Vice President, Communications | Gene Dias
Vice President, Corporate Partnerships | Jeff Stewart
Vice President, Event Sales and Operations | Stephanie Stegall
Vice President, Finance | Doug Seckel
Vice President, Foundation Development | Marian Harper
Vice President, Human Resources | Jennifer Springs
Vice President, Information Technology | Chris Hanz
Vice President, Marketing | Jason Wooden
Vice President, Merchandising & Retail Operations | Tom Jennings
Vice President, Stadium Operations | Bobby Forrest
Vice President, Tax | Vito Ciminello
Vice President, Ticket Sales & Services | P.J. Keene
Executive Assistant | Eileen Colgin
Administrative Assistant | Brittany Redeaux
Business Analyst | Connor Huff
Paralegal | Jessi Merlo

Baseball Operations

Assistant General Manager | Andrew Ball
Special Assistant to the General Manager | Craig Biggio
Special Advisor to Baseball Operations | Will Sharp
Senior Director, Baseball Strategy | Bill Firkus
Senior Director, Player Evaluation | Charles Cook
Director, Latin American Operations | Caridad Cabrera
Director, Minor League Operations | Derrick Fong
Director, Player Development | Sara Goodrum
Director, Player Personnel | Matt Hogan
Director, R&D | Sarah Gelles
Machine Learning Engineer, R&D | Kristen Mori
Manager, Advance Scouting | Tommy Kawamura
Manager, Baseball Operations | Anthony Cacchione
Manager, Baseball Technology | Sam Visser
Manager, Player Personnel | Aaron DelGiudice
Manager of Research, R&D | Adam Brodie
Manager, Software Development | Kenneth Krampota
Program Manager, R&D | Catherine Cage
Quantitative Developer, R&D | Charlie Young
Senior Advisor, Latin American Development | Julio Linares
Senior Analyst, R&D | Ryan Ferguson
Senior Architect | Danny Friedheim
Senior Architect, R&D | Andy Dysart
Senior Developer | Jason Christian
Lead Innovator | John Ruby
Administrative Assistant, Latin American Operations | Elizabeth Nunez
Analyst, Biomechanics | Bradley Moore
Analyst, Biomechanics | Michael Pozzi
Analyst, Sports Science | Daniel Kurtzer
Analyst, Sports Science | David Pajon
Analyst, R&D | Arjun Ravikumar
Analyst, R&D | Connor Kurcon
Analyst, R&D | Max Bay
Analyst/Coordinator, Player Evaluation | Cam Pendino
Coordinator, Dominican Republic Academy Operations | Jessica Ben
Coordinator, Minor League Operations | Rafael Soto
Data Engineer | Jonathan Sandell
Front-End Developer | Matt Bateman
Junior Data Engineer | Nicole Lopes


Director, Amateur Scouting | Kris Gross
Director, International Scouting | Brian Rodgers
Assistant Director, Domestic Scouting | Evan Brannon
Senior Scouting Advisor | Charlie Gonzalez
West Coast Supervisor | Ryan Leake
Domestic Scout | Andrew Johnson
Domestic Scout | Bobby St. Pierre
Domestic Scout | Drew Pearson
Domestic Scout | Eli Tupuola
Domestic Scout | Freddy Perez
Domestic Scout | Jim Stevenson
Domestic Scout | Joe Dunigan
Domestic Scout | Kevin Mello
Domestic Scout | Steven DiPuglia
Domestic Scout | Landon Townsley
Domestic Scout | Ryan Courville
Domestic Scout | Scott Oberhelman
Domestic Scout | Steve Payne
Domestic Scout | Tim Costic
Amateur Scouting Coordinator | TJ Tullis Jr.
Special Assignment Scout | Gavin Dickey
Video Coordinator | Kyle Connell
ML Advance & Video Information Coordinator | Sam Nasci
International Scouting Supervisor | Alfredo Ulloa
International Scouting Supervisor | Jose Palacios
International Scouting Supervisor | Raymon Sanchez
International Scout | Alfred Ramirez
International Scout | Daniel Acuna
International Scout | Daniel Gamboa
International Scout | Enrique Brito
International Scout | Hassan Wessin
International Scout | Johnny Perez
International Scout | Jose Lima
International Scout | Jose Torres
International Scout | Leocadio Guevara
International Scout | Miguel Pintor
International Scouting Assistant | Carlos Freites
International Scouting Assistant | Felix Paredes
International Scouting Assistant | Francisco Navarro
International Scouting Assistant | Leonardo Marcano
International Scouting Assistant | Luis Carlos Espinoza
International Scouting Assistant | Oriana Gonzalez
International Scouting Coordinator | Camron Shipley


Manager | Dusty Baker
Bench Coach | Joe Espada
Pitching Coach | Josh Miller
Assistant Pitching Coach | Bill Murphy
First Base Coach | Omar Lopez
Third Base Coach | Gary Pettis
Hitting Coach | Alex Cintron
Hitting Coach | Troy Snitker
Major League Coach | Michael Collins
Quality Control Coach | Daniel Firova
Bullpen Catcher | Javier Bracamonte
Catching Coordinator | Mark Bailey
Defense and Base Running Coordinator | Michael Thomas
Field Coordinator | Jason Bell
Hitting Coordinator | Jason Kanzler
Pitching Coordinator | Eric Niesen


Clubhouse Manager | Carl Schneider
Visiting Clubhouse Manager | Steve Perry
Umpires Attendant | Charlie Cabrera
Home Clubhouse Attendant | David Burd
Home Clubhouse Attendant | Stacy Gallagher
Home Clubhouse Attendant | Jake Kucherka
Visiting Clubhouse Attendant | Chuck New
Visiting Clubhouse Attendant | Corey Gallagher
Visiting Clubhouse Attendant | Alex Mookas
Director, Security - Team Operations | Armando Jurado

Sports Medicine & Performance

Head Athletic Trainer and Head Physical Therapist | Jeremiah Randall
Assistant Athletic Trainer | Eric Velazquez
Head of Strength and Conditioning | Nick Shedd
Assistant Strength Coach | Hazael Wessin
Director, Sports Medicine & Performance | Adam Decker
Director, Performance Science | Jacob Buffa
Assistant Strength Coach | Taylor Rhoades
Manager, Player Care and Education | Stefan Wetzel
Head Dietitian | Taylor Lile
Major League Dietitian | Lisa Clarke
Dietitian | Amanda Gonzalez
DR Academy Dietitian/Nutritionist | Melissa Valerio
Head Team Physician | David Lintner, MD
Team Physician | Michael Hopson, MD
Team Physician | Vijay Jotwani, MD
Team Physician | Thomas Mehlhoff, MD
Team Internist | James Muntz, MD
Team Chiropractor | Dana Harper, DC
Coordinator, Mental Health & Performance | Laura Ramos
Medical Liaison | Max Mahaffey

Media Relations / Communications

Director, Communications | Steve Grande
Manager, Business Communications | Rachel Caton
Senior Coordinator, Communications | Shaq Sullivan

Community Affairs and Astros Foundation

Director, Astros Youth Academy | Daryl Wade
Manager, Astros Youth Academy | Duane Stelly
Coordinator, Astros Youth Academy | Megan Hays
Coordinator, Community Affairs and Astros Foundation | Andrew McMullin
Coordinator, Community Affairs and Astros Foundation | Hugo Mojica
Community Outreach Executive | Enos Cabell
Community Outreach Executive | Jeff Bagwell
Community Outreach Executive | Jose Cruz

Business Operations

Senior Director, Risk Management | Monica Rusch

Broadcasting and Telecommunications

Spanish Radio Announcer | Alex Treviño
Spanish Radio Announcer | Francisco Romero
TV Broadcaster | Geoff Blum
TV Broadcaster | Todd Kalas
Radio Broadcaster | Robert Ford
Radio Broadcaster | Steve Sparks
Producer Engineer, Radio Broadcast | Matt Boltz
Broadcasting Manager | Ginny Gotcher-Grande


Senior Director, Fan Experience | Chris Garcia
Director, Advertising and Digital Marketing | Daniel Klimpel
Director, Content | Alex Herko
Senior Manager, Entertainment Marketing | Richard Tapia
Senior Manager, Entertainment Marketing | Kyle Hamsher
Senior Manager, Graphic and Marketing Projects | Larry Provitt
Senior Manager, Production Producer | Garret Young
Manager, Digital Marketing | Catie Willis Guidry
Manager, Photo & Video Content | Cato Cataldo
Manager, Promotions & Events | Hannah Kirsch
Associate Technical Director | Ali Burks
Team Photographer | Evan Triplett
Graphic and Digital Media Designer | Clint Self
Graphic and Digital Media Designer | Ruben Valdez
Content Graphic Designer | Jake Chambers
Content Producer | Matt Blum
Content Producer | Matt Rewis
Content Producer | Michael Eng
Senior Coordinator, Promotions & Events | Carolyn Scherpe
Coordinator, Digital Marketing | Luke Hooten
Coordinator, Entertainment | Oscar Liendo
Coordinator, Grassroots Marketing | Meehee Kim
Coordinator, Production | Logan Lozano
Coordinator, Promotions & Events | Dusti Loreant
Coordinator, Social Media | Riley Milhon

Corporate Partnerships

Senior Director, Corporate Partnership Sales | Matt Richardson
Director, Corporate Partnership | Jimmy Comerota
Director, Corporate Partnership | Keshia Henderson
Director, Corporate Partnership | Melissa Hahn
Senior Strategic Account Manager, Corporate Partnership | Craig Bristow
Senior Account Manager, Corporate Partnership | Chris Leahy
Account Manager, Corporate Partnership | Brittany Bivens
Account Manager, Corporate Partnership | Cam Copeland
Account Manager, Corporate Partnership | Jake Sims
Account Manager, Corporate Partnership | Lauren Hill
Manager, Corporate Partnership Sales | Kyle McLaughlin
Partnership Lead | Alexis Phillips
Partnership Lead | Justin Carter

Special Events

Director, Special Events | Alexandria Price
Manager, Special Events | Bridgette Fries
Representative, Special Events | Kiyah Hays
Account Executive, Special Events | Blake Mullen
Coordinator, Special Events | Jordan Matthews

Guest Services

Senior Director, Guest Services | Michael Kenny
Director, Guest Services | Kristen Lundgren
Coordinator, Tours | Patrick LaPadula

Retail and Merchandising

Manager, Warehouse | Ada East
Coordinator, Office Services | Shelton Starling
Senior Manager, Retail Operations | Brandon Puls
Senior Buyer | Josiah Gallow
Senior Buyer | Brandon Pemble
Manager, Retail Store | Micah Arceneaux
Assistant Manager, Retail Store | Marcos Salinas

Information Technology and Procurement

Senior Director, Applications and Data | Chris Josefy
Director, Project Management | Karambir Kalsi
Senior Manager, Service Desk | Cindy Saenz
Analyst, Data & Security | Susan Godfrey
Technical Analyst | Jonathan Viernes
Technical Analyst | Tam Vu
Client Support | Chris Fuentes
Client Support | Merlin Griggs

Human Resources

Senior Director, Human Resources | Edna Chan Troncoso
Manager, Human Resources | Daniella Recio
HR Business Partner | Ashley Bannister
HR Technology Analyst | Heather Kuehn
Administrator, Human Resources | Holly Brewer

Stadium Operations and Engineering

Director, Security | Freddrick Richardson
Manager, Security | Roy Pippin
Senior Manager, Stadium Operations | William Connaught
Supervisor, Engineering | Johnny Burton
Supervisor, HVAC | Cesar Ramirez Sr.
Manager, Engineering | Orlando Mendenhall
Electrician | Eric King
Specialist, A/V | Chad Carden
Specialist, Carpentry | Kevin Chap
Specialist, Painting | Juan Gonzalez
Specialist, Painting | Marset Mitchner
Specialist, Painting | Miguel 'Angel' Hernandez
Technician, Engineering | Jamal Green
Technician, Engineering | James Pierce
Technician, Engineering | Keanu Hernandez
Technician, Engineering | Seth Foreman
Senior Manager, Parking | Gary Rowberry

Grounds Crew

Director, Field Operations | Izzy Hinojosa
Assistant Groundskeeper | James Vaughn
Groundskeeper | Willie Berry
Groundskeeper | Sixto Zapata
Groundskeeper | Michael Lidecker

Finance and Administration

Senior Manager, Payroll | Michelle Ober
Manager, Accounting | Michael Harrington
Manager, Finance | Brad Russell
Manager, Payroll | Jessica Brooks
Senior Accountant | Cal Meyers
Staff Accounting | Brooke Taylor
Staff Accounting | Kaitlyn Stavinoha

Ticket Sales, Services and Operations

Director, Group Sales | Mariza Lerma
Director, Season Ticket Sales | Adam Martelli
Director, Ticket Operations | Mark Cole
Senior Manager, Box Office and Ticket Services | Marcus Barefield
Senior Manager, Ticket Technology and Solutions | Trevor Purvis
Representative, Ticket Operations | Ray Cervenka
Manager, Premium Sales and Services | Christian Duda
Manager, Premium Suites | Greg Van Sickler
Manager, Season Ticket Services | Michael Hurley
Senior Account Executive, Group Sales | Brent Broussard
Senior Account Executive, Premium Sales | Juan Guerrero
Senior Account Manager, Season Ticket Services | Jeff Troncoso
Account Manager, Season Ticket Services | Erik Robertson
Account Manager, Season Ticket Services | Marcie Mendoza
Account Manager, Season Ticket Services | Sarah Salibo Wheeler
Account Executive, Group Sales | Olivia Podaras
Account Executive, Group Sales | Ryan Veinotte
Account Executive, Premium Sales | Brandon Corporale
Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales | Adlai Koepp
Account Executive, Ticket Sales | Amanda Roggeman
Account Executive, Ticket Sales | Ashli Henk
Account Executive, Ticket Sales | Austin Moore
Account Executive, Ticket Sales | Hugo Cortes Batista
Account Executive, Ticket Sales | Jacob Padelski
Account Executive, Ticket Sales | Juwan Hill
Account Executive, Ticket Sales | Pablo Ortiz
Account Executive, Ticket Sales | Shaki Wilson
Business Development Assistant | Colleen M. Westwood
Business Strategy & Analytics Analyst | Joshua Pieniazek