Join us every Monday for Space City Mondays. Players will wear City Connect jerseys on-field, along with themed full ballpark integration throughout the game.

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In Houston, we never stop reaching for the stars. That’s what sets us apart from the rest. We are in constant pursuit of new opportunities and extraordinary wins.

Here, we explore Houston’s persistent quest to go above and beyond and to prove human potential limitless.

Hat Logo – This new take on our traditional Star H logo launches the planetary tracks and rainbow gradient from our iconic 60s and 70s logos into the 21st century.

Astros Cap Badge – Astros is spelled out boldly along the side of our cap in the popular space inspired worm font.

Gold Nike Swoosh – The Nike swoosh is embroidered with gold thread symbolizing the gold multi-layer insulation protecting much of the mission equipment in space.

Rainbow Piping – The rainbow gradient piping stitched throughout the uniform is “one of a kind” just like the city of Houston. Each jersey has its own gradient pattern throughout, showcasing the individuality and diversity of our players, fans, and city.

Grid Pattern – The grid pattern displayed on the sleeves of the jersey resemble the star charts used by astronomers to identify and locate stars, constellations and galaxies.

Pant Numbers – The unconventional placement of each player’s number on their right pant leg illustrates the organization’s desire to blaze its own path. By taking a page from the history book, we once again bring our iconic 1970s rainbow uniforms into the modern era.

Mission Sleeve Patch – Every space crew needs a mission patch to guide them through their journey. Our patch focuses on what connects us all – our city. Houston’s four area codes are emblazoned on the patch’s corners, surrounding the Astros’ take on the Texas state flag.

Space City Chest Plate – People from all over have colloquially referred to Houston as Space City since the inception of our country’s manned space travel expeditions. Home to Mission Control, there is no better way to represent the city that continues to believe that human potential is limitless.

Gradient Socks – The design of the uniform’s most unique and eye-catching feature leverages our rainbow gradient pattern to represent the rocket thrusters that blast each shuttle into space.

Jock Tag – The lunar lander symbolizes a pinnacle achievement of human potential and alludes to Houston's impact on pushing humanity to new heights.

Go for Launch – The phrase is stitched in Astros orange along the inside of the collar as a constant reminder that our mission to achieve greatness is Go For Launch.