Laughter is contagious: Phillips goes viral

February 26th, 2016
"If you see me like that, don't worry," Brett Phillips said about his laugh. (AP)

PHOENIX -- The weirdest laugh in Milwaukee Brewers history is out there for the world to see.
Outfielder Brett Phillips, the club's No. 2 prospect in 2015, has had teammates rolling around on the clubhouse carpet since they discovered his odd quirk: When Phillips gets caught in a laugh, he cannot escape it. His mouth freezes open, his right eye closes and he gasps for oxygen.
"If you see me like that," Phillips told a reporter early in camp, "don't worry. I'm really not having a seizure."

Naturally, his teammates have exploited Phillips' habit at every turn. On Friday, they tried -- and succeeded -- to make him laugh while Phillips posed before a green screen during the team's photo day. Kevin Holden of Milwaukee's CBS television affiliate caught the moment on camera and shared it via Twitter.
"I wish it didn't have to be this way," Phillips responded. "But the Internet was gonna find out about it sooner or later!"

The Brewers acquired Phillips, along with his laugh and three other players, from the Astros last July in the Carlos Gomez-Mike Fiers trade. Phillips is expected to begin the regular season in the Minor Leagues.