Cubs celebrate 50th anniversary of 1969 team

August 27th, 2019

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of their memorable 1969 season, the Cubs on Tuesday released "1969 Cubs," an interactive web documentary intertwining the story of the team with historical moments from what was a pivotal year for the United States at large.

"1969 Cubs," which can be viewed at, captures the spirit of Chicago in 1969 through an immersive experience featuring historical articles, archived footage and documentary-style videos that include interviews with former players, celebrities and others with a special connection to the 1969 team.

Broken out into five parts, the documentary takes a look at the 1969 season and also details how key moments in history -- such as the Apollo 11 moon landing, the counterculture and civil rights movement, and Woodstock -- impacted the team, the fans and the nation.

“Cubs fans are special in the way they not only support the team on the field today, but also in the way they respect and honor the history and traditions of the past,” said Lauren Fritts, the Cubs vice president of marketing. “The beauty of baseball is the generational nature of the fan base, and it is our responsibility to ensure we explore these historic moments in thoughtful ways that will resonate with fans who were there to witness it firsthand, as well as for those who are learning about it for the first time.”

For those unfamiliar, the 1969 team nearly went wire-to-wire as the National League East leader, and Cubs fever swept Chicago as the franchise sought its first pennant since 1945 and its first World Series title since 1908. However, a late-season swoon knocked them out of first and kept them out of the postseason entirely. Billy Williams, one of four future Hall of Famers on the roster, along with Ernie Banks, Ron Santo and Fergie Jenkins, famously referred to the club as the “most talked about team that ever finished second.”

"1969 Cubs" is the first installment of "Timeless," a new series from the Cubs highlighting the franchise's rich and illustrious history. Additional installments will be released at a later date that is yet to be announced.