Baez's slick tag thwarts Marte's steal attempt

Contreras delivers with his 2nd-fastest pop time of season

August 17th, 2018

PITTSBURGH -- continues to make the improbable seem routine.
With two outs in the sixth inning of the Cubs' 1-0 victory Thursday night, speedy Pirates outfielder took off from first on an 0-1 pitch from . Catcher caught the ball, popped up and fired an 85.1 mph throw to Baez in an attempt to nab Marte at second base.
Falling to one knee, Baez fielded the throw and, in one fluid motion, swiped his glove on Marte for the inning-ending caught stealing.
"If you can break it down and slow it down, it's amazing how he puts his body in position," Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. "He lets the ball come to him, and he positions himself in a manner that's unique. Not everybody positions themself as he does in preparation for the ball. That, I'm certain, junior colleges, colleges are going to try to teach. They're going to get that and break it down, slow it down, and try to teach that, because it's pretty spectacular."
Contreras clocked a pop time of 1.86 seconds, marking his second-fastest pop time on a caught stealing in 2018.