TOOTBLAN is an acronym that stands for Thrown Out on the Bases Like a Nincompoop.

Essentially, the TOOTBLAN describes any non-force out a player makes on the bases, including outs made while attempting to take an extra base, outs on would-be sacrifice flies, pickoffs, double-offs, fielder’s choice outs with an open base, batter and runner interference and getting hit by a batted ball.

Coined by Cubs blogger Tony Jewell in 2008, the TOOTBLAN was invented to measure the impact poor baserunning has on a player’s on-base percentage and offensive value.

Jewell initially invented the TOOTBLAN as part of what he called the Ryan Theriot Adjusted On-Base Percentage, which was created to examine Theriot’s true value to the 2008 Cubs. The RTAOBP was an equation that subtracted caught stealings and TOOTBLANs from Theriot’s actual OBP, which was .387 in 2008.