Lisfranc Injury


The Lisfranc joint complex, named for the French surgeon who first described it in the 1800s, includes the five metatarsal bones along with the tendons and ligaments that connect the mid-foot to the forefoot and form the arch at the top of the foot. Ligaments and tendons in this area can be sprained, and the bones can be fractured. Lisfranc injuries can be the result of a trauma, such as a collision, or they can be caused indirectly by a sudden rotational force in the mid-foot.

Typical recovery time

If there are no fractures and the ligaments are not completely torn, a player will typically wear a non-weightbearing cast for up to six weeks before beginning a rehab program. However, most Lisfranc fractures require surgery to realign the joints and ensure the bones heal in the proper position. Following surgery, full recovery can take up to six months.