Fielding Run Value


Fielding Run Value (FRV) is Statcast's overall metric for capturing a player’s measurable defensive performance onto a run-based scale, which can then be read as a player being worth X runs above or Y runs below average. Since different types of defensive performance are expressed in different scales -- throws, outs, blocks, etc. -- this conversion is necessary to place all performance on the same scale, which then allows defenders of all positions to be compared to one another.

Currently, the conversions for those metrics are as follows. (Unless otherwise noted, all metrics are available since 2016.)

The Fielding Run Value leaderboard is available on Baseball Savant for all seasons 2016-present.

The 2022 season provides an excellent example as the three fielders atop the leaderboard are an infielder, a catcher, and a catcher/outfielder. This allows us to explain the breakdown.

+21 runs // Jonathan Schoop // all runs via fielding range, or OAA
+20 runs // Jose Trevino // 15 runs framing + 1 throwing + 4 blocking
+19 runs // Daulton Varsho // 16 runs via range + 4 outfield throwing, with -1 from catcher blocking