Velocity (VELO)


Velocity, one of the most frequently used tools for evaluating pitchers, represents the maximum speed of a given pitch at any point from its release to the time it crosses home plate.

Prior to the advent of Statcast, pitch tracking in every MLB stadium was performed by PITCHf/x. One way this system differed from Statcast is that it reported the Velocity of each pitch when it was 50 feet from the back tip of home plate, rather than at the release point. To produce Velocity readings that were closer to pitchers' actual release points, some entities began using 55 feet as the point of reference, inferring what the velocity would be at 55 feet based on the PITCHf/x data for the reported velocity at 50 feet.

Conversely, Statcast can provide the maximum speed of a pitch at any point in its flight -- with the max speed always being at the release point, due to physics -- which allows for a more precise measurement of pitch velocity.

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