Cleveland Guardians

To protect, to keep watch, to defend. For Clevelanders, this is a way of life. We fight together for what we believe in. And if we get knocked down, we pick each other right back up and keep fighting. We’re resilient, hard working and loyal – to this city and to each other. That’s what it means to be Cleveland Guardians.

  • Our Bridge Print alphabet is derived from the Diamond C and will be used as a supporting element on our home and away jerseys.
  • The new font represents the unique characteristics of Cleveland with angular letters and numbers that mimic the architecture of the Hope Memorial Bridge and the Guardian of Traffic.
  • We will maintain the red, white and navy color scheme that has been part of our organization for more than 80 years to honor our rich baseball heritage.
  • These colors also serve as a nod to baseball as America's past time.

For The Fans

Our fans are at the heart of this decision. We heard this name often from our fans as a top contender because of it's connection to the iconic Cleveland landmark - The Hope Memorial Bridge that stands just outside of our ballpark where the Guardians of Traffic have become a symbol of the city's resiliency.

We are thankful for all of the input we received from our fans throughout this process, including:

  • 140 hours of interviews with fans, community leaders and front office personnel
  • More than 40,000 fans surveyed
  • 4,000 fans sign up to participate in research via team name website