Script Guardians

The Script Guardians wordmark is an evolution of our script wordmark of the last 75 years. It is directly inspired by the architecture of the Hope Memorial Bridge, and the sharp, crisp angles of the letters mimic the trusses of the bridge's underside.

Diamond C & Bridge Print

The new Diamond C stands tall – just as the Guardians of Traffic stand watch over our ballpark and city – and draws from the ascending diamond motifs at the top of each Guardian pylon.

Our Bridge Print alphabet is derived from the Diamond C and will be used as a supporting element on our home and away jerseys. The new font represents the unique characteristics of Cleveland with angular letters and numbers that mimic the architecture of the bridge and the Guardians of Traffic.

Guardians Fastball

The Guardians Fastball logo embodies what it means to be a Cleveland Guardian in its strong, yet simple design. It is inspired by both the helmets and wings of Hope Memorial Bridge’s Guardians statues that keep watch over the city.