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Indians Youth Baseball

Presented by Cleveland Clinic Children's
Advanced Development Camp


The Advanced Development camp is the ultimate development experience for players ages 11-14 that offers the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the physical, fundamental and mental aspects of the game.

The camp will aim to focus and develop the following:

  •  Physical
    • Basic functional movement patterns and physical literacy
  • Fundamental
    • Technical aspects of:
      • Hitting
      • Throwing
      • Fielding
      • Baserunning
    • Tactical aspects of:
      • Team defense
      • Cut offs and relay positioning
  • Mental
    • Introduction to mental training concepts and goal setting
    • A-C-E mindset
    • Positive Coaching Alliance Triple Impact Competitor workshop 

Camp highlights:

  • Four days of on-field instruction
  • Half-day visit to Progressive Field on FOX Sports charter bus
  • Meet and greet with a current Indians player
  • Pizza from Papa John's
  • Indians hat and dri-fit shirt
  • Voucher for two (2) tickets to an Indians game


How do the campers get to and from Progressive Field?
Indians campers will travel to and from the stadium on the FOX Sports charter bus. Coaches will supervise their groups and regular attendance checks will be made throughout the day.

Is the trip to Progressive Field an all-day visit?
No. The bus will pick up campers in Independence the morning of and leave Progressive Field around 1pm. Pick up will be at 2pm at Elmwood Park.

Can parents go on the visit to Progressive Field?
No. Due to safety and logistics concerns, only Indians Campers and Indians Camps coaches are allowed to enter the stadium during our visit. Every detail about the trip and tour has been designed with safety (of campers and parents/guardians alike) as the top priority, and to maximize their fan experience at Progressive Field.