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Ackley could make some starts in left field

SEATTLE -- Dustin Ackley was in the lineup in center field for the eighth time in Tuesday night's game against the Red Sox, but the former second baseman will eventually get some time in left field as well, according to manager Eric Wedge.

Michael Saunders was in right field Tuesday, even though he's a far more experienced center fielder. But Wedge said the decision was based on Ackley's lack of experience in right and the fact Raul Ibanez is strictly suited for left field and he was the third outfielder in this particular game.

"Dustin will eventually play some left field, too," Wedge said. "I like Ackley and I like Saunders in center field as well. I think overall the better lineup with what we have in there tonight is Ibanez in left and Saunders in right.

"But there'll be times, depending if we have other people out there, where we'd put Saunders in center and Ackley in left. But Ackley hasn't played any right field, so that's not an option for us, where Saundo can play all three."

In other words, when Michael Morse comes back and plays right field or if Jason Bay is in the lineup in right, Ackley could be shifted to left with Saunders in center. But any of those scenarios would limit Ibanez's presence in the lineup, so it remains to be seen how things play out with Ackley in the coming weeks.

Greg Johns is a reporter for Follow him on Twitter @GregJohnsMLB as well as his Mariners Musings blog.
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