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ASU's 'A' Mountain gets repainted as D-backs logo

In an impressive show of support for its hometown team, an anonymous group of ASU students has painted the famous "A" on Butte Mountain to look like the Arizona Diamondbacks' logo in honor of the team's season opener tonight.

The D-backs organization was alerted to the painting when one of the students tweeted a picture of the "A" to the official Arizona Diamondbacks Twitter account (@Dbacks) with the following message: "ASU backs the @Dbacks! Took 3 of us 8 hours to do this! #WorthIt #WEback #Dbacks #OpeningDay"

"As an ASU alumnus, I am touched that my fellow Sun Devils would take the time during their busy school schedules to make this gesture," said Arizona Diamondbacks president and CEO Derrick Hall. "It's very cool and we appreciate the support."

Inspired by this gesture, dozens of other fans have announced plans via social media to support the team in similar ways. Three fans have permanently tattooed the D-backs logo on their faces, while another fan proudly announced that she has named her daughter, born today, "Diamond Back Jones." One eager fan also tweeted a photo of cans of spray paint with the comment, "Time to tag downtown Phoenix with #Dbacks pride! #iback #YOUback #WEback"

"While we appreciate the support, we want to remind people that unauthorized painting of public property is, in fact, vandalism," announced Hall. "We'd also like to remind people that we have a variety of great fan gear available in the Team Shop for anyone looking for a less permanent way to show their love for the Arizona Diamondbacks."

Hall had no official comment regarding the baby name announcement, but did offer congratulations to the family on their new addition.

"Our fans are the best in baseball," said Hall. "I'd say the outpouring of support today proves that beyond the shadow of a doubt."

APRIL FOOLS! But seriously, though, thanks for reading and supporting the Arizona Diamondbacks. Hope you enjoy another exciting year of D-backs baseball!

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